Upcoming Seminars

Finding Undergraduate Research Opportunities (registration is not required). Please note - some days and times have changed. All seminars take place on Fridays.

Friday, April 4, 8:30am, Sears 435
Friday, April 11, 4pm, Sears 480
Friday, April 25, 4pm, Sears 480


Seminar Information Presentations

Research Opportunities Abroad

Finding Research at the Cleveland Clinic

Finding Research Opportunities during the Academic Year

Lost in Translation: What Employers Are Really Asking and How ot Give Them What They're Looking For (Career Center Presentation on 7/6/13)

Graduate School Admission Process (June 17, 2014), Dr. Tom Matthews, Career Center Director

Medical School Admission Process (Dr. Lina Mehta, Associate Dean for Admissions, SOM)

How To Make A Poster (Ann Holstein, GIS System Coordinator, KSL)

Presentation Hints (Rhonda Moore, Former Assistant Director of Programming, ESS)