Upcoming Seminars

Basics of Making a Research Poster, Ann Holstein, KSL, GIS Specialist, April 4, 2014, 4pm, Nord 400 - RSVP to: bethany.pope@case.edu

Improving Presentation Skills, Jennifer DeSantis, ESS, Assistant Director for Academic Resources, April 14, 2014, 4pm, Sears 480 - RSVP to: bethany.pope@case.edu


Seminar Information Presentations

Finding Research at the Cleveland Clinic

Finding Research Opportunities during the Academic Year

Lost in Translation: What Employers Are Really Asking and How ot Give Them What They're Looking For (Career Center Presentation on 7/6/13)

Graduate School Admission Process (July 2, 2013), Dr. Tom Matthews, Career Center Director

Medical School Admission Process (Dr. Lina Mehta, Associate Dean for Admissions, SOM)

How To Make A Poster (Ann Holstein, GIS System Coordinator, KSL)

Presentation Hints (Rhonda Moore, Former Assistant Director of Programming, ESS)