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Office of Faculty Development: Partner Assistance

Partner Assistance Program

As a more sophisticated system for dual career assistance is being developed, the Director of the Office of Faculty Development will provide limited job search assistance for faculty partners and spouses.

Case Western Reserve University understands that meeting the needs of today’s professional couples is a critical factor in recruiting and retaining new faculty and senior staff. Many prospective and newly hired faculty and senior staff candidates at CWRU have spouses/partners who are also pursuing employment in the surrounding community. The Partner Assistance Program strives to provide a support to couples and their families as they consider faculty and senior staff appointment opportunities within CWRU.

Our Goal

  • Attract and retain first-rate dual career couples to the Case Western Reserve University campus and to Cleveland, Ohio
  • Enrich CWRU’s commitment to diversity, inclusion and talent retention
  • Provide customized assistance and support to new and currently recruited faculty and senior staff spouses/partners (and the spouses/partners of key retention positions) in their job search efforts

  • Deliver information and resources towards relocating into the Morgantown community
  • Engage employers of Cuyahoga County and the surrounding area to build networking and employment opportunities for our Partner Assistance clients.
  • Case Western Reserve University’s Partner Assistance Program cannot and does not guarantee job placement or create job openings.

    Further, the Partner Assistance Program does not compromise the normal hiring or search process, but we can provide a letter of support to a hiring supervisor/committee Chair/etc. to identify you as a Partner client for University positions.

  • The success of any job search and how long it takes depends on many factors. These include but are not limited to:
  • A Partner client’s credentials and related local job openings,
  • How flexible the Partner client is able and willing to be (e.g., with respect to salary level and requirements, and willingness to commute), work status eligibility, etc.
  • Career searches are most successful when the Partner client takes a great deal of initiative. Our clients are urged to conduct an active job search, using the Partner Assistance Program as just one source of information.
  • The Director will provide information on local resources and may facilitate contact with appropriate offices where possible. Through the Director, the CWRU Career Center will collaborate by providing to those partners and/or spouses a single session of resume review with their professional staff and access to community job postings.

    Partner Hiring Policy

    The University has created a structure, used at the discretion of the Provost and Deans, to assist in the recruitment and retention of new faculty members and administrators who increase the quality and diversity of the University.

    The partner hiring policy can apply whenever a final candidate is offered either a (1) tenured, tenure -track, or non-tenure track appointment or (2) a staff position requiring recruitment at the level of a national search and the final candidate would need to relocate to the University from outside the Cleveland area.

    It can also apply to partners of current tenured, tenure-track, or non-tenure track faculty members or to staff persons recruited at the level of a national search when the appropriate dean and the provost, in their discretion, desire to use this policy to help retain a valued faculty member or administrator who is at risk of being employed by another institution because the faculty members or administrators partner needs employment in order for the individual to remain at the University. Partner hires are approved if documented reasons exist for the hire in light of the pair's overall potential contribution to the diversity and/or strength of the University.

    A Strategic Faculty Hiring Form, along with the CV/resume of the primary candidate and the partner/spouse, must be submitted to initiate the partner hiring process.

    Please contact the Director for further information.