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Deputy Provost Office Organizational Chart and Adminstrative structure


Academic Affairs Council

The Academic Affairs Council is convened monthly by the Deputy Provost to discuss issues of general importance to the Case Western Reserve University community. The Academic Affairs Council consists of representatives of the administration of the eight schools, the deans of Graduate Studies and Undergraduate Studies, and the heads of various units that support the academic, research, and service missions of the University.




The Academic Careers in Engineering & Science (ACES) program at Case Western Reserve University was part of the National Science Foundation (NSF) ADVANCE program to develop a national science and engineering workforce that includes the full participation of women at all levels of faculty and academic leadership.

As the first private university to be awarded the NSF-ADVANCE Institutional Transformation Grant, we created a model of institutional transformation, particularly in the areas of enhanced transparency in faculty recruitment, advancement, development, and retention policies and improved accountability and effectiveness at the school/college and departmental level. CWRU's institutional transformation has been a multifaceted initiative to promote a campus-wide culture characterized by equality, participation, openness, and accountability.

At the conclusion of the award in 2008, four innovative initiatives were institutionalized as ACES+: Executive Coaching, Hotline Coaching, ADVANCE Opportunity Grants and the Summer Undergraduate Research Program for Minorities.

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Behavior Risk Assessment Committee (BRAC)

The Behavior Risk Assessment Committee is an informal consultation team whose charge is to assess situations involving disruptive or potentially dangerous students, faculty or staff by consulting with those affected by the situation, coordinating the university response and making recommendations on action, consistent with the university rules and policies.

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Faculty Development Council

The mission of the Faculty Development Council is to provide a comprehensive framework for all faculty development initiatives across the University and develop campus-wide priorities for strengthened faculty recruitment, advancement, retention, and performance.
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Faculty Senate Committees

The Faculty Senate is charged with governing the policies of Case Western Reserve University faculty. The Deputy Provost is an Ad Hoc member of the Faculty Senate Committee on Compensation and the Faculty Senate Committee on Personnel.


FSMlogoFlora Stone Mather Center for Women

Mission: The mission of the Flora Stone Mather Center for Women at Case Western Reserve University is to support and empower women through education, advocacy and leadership.

Vision: The Flora Stone Mather Center for Women will serve as a resource to all women at the university by offering a variety of initiatives focused on leadership development and recognition, gender equity in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields, and women's health.

We will serve as a source of empowerment and support for women and our advocacy efforts will be known for addressing violence against women and promoting dialogues on women and gender.

Our collaborative work will bring together faculty, staff, students and community to create a synergy of effort that benefits both the campus and community.

We will be inclusive of all women and encourage them to become actively engaged in the center's efforts while achieving their academic, professional and personal goals that will transform themselves and society.

Values: We respect the diverse views and experiences of everyone, support activities that enhance inclusion and gender equity, and recognize diversity. We celebrate women's contributions to society, create spaces for open dialogue, follow feminist principles and promote social justice.

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Graduate and Post Doctoral Studies

The missions of the Office of Graduate Studies is to enhance the quality of graduate education and life of graduate students. The School of Graduate Studies is located on the 6th floor of Nord Hall, on the southwest side of the Case quad. Our office hours are 8:30 to 5:00 Monday through Friday.

Report of the Presidential Commission on Research and Graduate Education (4/04) PDF


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Institutions Developing Excellence in Academic Leadership (IDEAL)

IDEAL is a three-year nearly $1 million grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to seed gender and minority equity and institutional transformation academic S&E at leading universities in the northern Ohio region. Awarded to Dr. Lynn T. Singer, Deputy Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Case Western Reserve University it is a partnership with five regional public universities: Bowling Green State University, Cleveland State University , Kent State University, University of Akron and the University of Toledo.

The goal of this innovative partnership grant is to seed institutional transformation at leading universities in the northern Ohio region by creating an institutional learning community that is empowered to develop and leverage knowledge, skills, resources and networks to enhance equity and inclusion at each university. IDEAL adapts and disseminates the successful academic leadership development methods developed by CWRU during its five-year ADVANCE IT initiative, Academic Careers in Engineering and Science (ACES) which continues at CWRU as ACES+.

The Change Leader Teams from the six partner institutions meet four times annually at leadership development sessions. Each team develops a customized Annual Change Project with plans and actions for improving gender and underrepresented minority equity in S&E on its respective campus, with the implementation and sustainability of the plans aided by the Co-Director.

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lgbt flagLGBT Center

The Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Center at Case Western Reserve University provides a long-awaited home for members of the LGBT community and their allies. It also serves as a source of information and insight for those who have lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender children or loved ones. Finally, it is also a place that welcomes alumni and prospective students, faculty and staff. The LGBT Center serves as a resource for students, faculty, staff and alumni. A program coordinator staffs the center with the help of student assistants.

The center helps individuals and groups develop programming ideas for our campus and helps to bring LGBT community programs and events to CWRU. The center also serves as a library, art gallery and poetry space. The LGBT Center is located on the first floor of the western half of Thwing Center, CWRU's Student Union.

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UCITE (University Center for Innovation in Teaching and Education) is the teaching and learning center at Case. Its purpose is to enhance the educational environment on campus by encouraging faculty to grow in their teaching. UCITE was established in 1994 and since that time has established programs which support faculty teaching efforts in many ways.

The website provides access to information about seminar programs, grants and fellowships, and other resources.

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Undergraduate Education

Mission: To serve as the agent of the University Undergraduate Faculty, and its constituent faculties, in communicating, carrying out and enforcing academic standards regulations and policies governing undergraduates at Case.

  1. To serve as intermediary between students and faculty in areas of concern
    related to students' academic experience.

  2. To assist students in the discovery, definition and realization of their goals by
    providing information and advice about educational opportunities, special programs
    and scholarships at Case and elsewhere.

  3. To organize and facilitate programs which provide special educational opportunities
    to undergraduate students, including non-degree students.

  4. To maintain permanent academic records of undergraduates
    and to certify eligibility for bachelor's degrees.

  5. To represent student academic affairs concerns on faculty committees,
    and in other parts of the University.
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LibraryUniversity Libraries

The Case libraries create and sustain learners while striving for excellence and embracing opportunity. As an innovative partner in the pursuit of academic excellence and a leader in providing dynamic information management services, the Case libraries: provide physical places that welcome and contribute to research and learning; work in partnership with members of the university community; acquire, manage, present, provide access and preserve information resources that support research, scholarship, artistic endeavors, and learning; and educate the university community in the effective use of library/information resources and services.

Vision: The Case libraries are the intersection of physical and virtual space where information from a multitude of disciplines across time, in a variety of languages and formats, is organized in consistent ways and made available for purposes of research and learning.

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The Office of the Deputy Provost is located in Adelbert Hall, Room 216

Please call 216.368.1610 to request an appointment with the Deputy Provost.

The Office of the Provost is located in Adelbert Hall, Room 216

Please call 216.368.4346 to request an appointment with the Provost.

The organizational chart details the administrative structure of the Deputy Provost's Office. View the chart (PDF)

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