Registration Process

Registration for classes by CAPSC participants is managed by the CAPSC Coordinator. Two forms are required for registration: The Enrollment Data Form (click here for the PDF) and the Course Selection Form (click here for the PDF). You can also obtain the forms by emailing the Coordinator at or telephoning her at (216) 368-0705. Both forms must be fully completed and sent in to the Coordinator by the week before the start of classes. The deadline for Spring 2015 is January 7, 2015. Faculty who open their courses to CAPSC participants may also specify the credentials and qualifications (e.g., prior degrees, work experience) as a prerequisite for enrollement. Such information will be provided on the list of courses open for CAPSC participants.

After completing the forms, the Coordinator will submit your request to the Registrar's Office. Upon acceptance, if you do not already have them, you will be issued a Case ID, an email address, and a student identification number. For information on how to activate your Case ID and your Case email address, please visit the Information Technology Services page here or call the Help Desk at (216) 368-HELP (4357).