FALL 1996
Arena Registration Begins               Thu       Aug  22
Classes Begin                           Mon       Aug  26
Drop/Add Begins                         Mon       Aug  26
Late Registration Begins                Mon       Aug  26
Late Fee ($25) Begins                   Tue       Aug  27
Labor Day Holiday                       Mon       Sep  2
Drop/Add Ends                           Fri       Sep  6
Late Registration Ends                  Fri       Sep  6
Deadline Credit/Audit (UNDG)            Fri       Sep  6
Fall Break                              Mon/Tue   Oct  21/22
Mid-Term Grades Due (UNDG)              Mon       Oct  21
"I" Grades Due (UNDG)                   Fri       Nov  8
Deadline Credit/Audit (GRAD)            Fri       Nov  8
Deadline For Class Withdrawal           Fri       Nov  8
Open registration for Spring Begins     Mon       Nov  11
Thanksgiving Holidays                   Thu/Fri   Nov  28/29
"I" Grades Due (GRAD)                   Fri       Dec  6
Pass/NoPass Declaration (UG)            Wed-Fri   Dec  4-6
Last Day of Class                       Fri       Dec  6
Reading Days                            Mon/Tue   Dec  9/10
Final Exams Begin                       Wed       Dec  11
Final Exams End                         Wed       Dec  18
Final Grades Due by 12:00 noon          Fri       Dec  20
Fall Awarding of Degrees                Fri       Jan  17 (97)

Arena Registration Begins               Thu       Jan  9
Classes Begin                           Mon       Jan  13
Drop/Add Begins                         Mon       Jan  13
Late Registration Begins                Mon       Jan  13
Late Fee ($25) Begins                   Tue       Jan  14
Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday          Mon       Jan  20
Drop/Add Ends                           Fri       Jan  24
Late Registration Ends                  Fri       Jan  24
Deadline Credit/Audit (UNDG)            Fri       Jan  24
Mid-Term Grades Due (UNDG)              Mon       Mar  10
Spring Break                            Mon-Fri   Mar  10 - 14
"I" Grades Due (UNDG)                   Fri       Mar  28
Deadline Credit/Audit (GRAD)            Fri       Mar  28
Deadline for Class Withdrawal           Fri       Mar  28
Open registration for Fall Begins       Mon       Apr  14
Open registration  for Summer Begins    Mon       Apr  21
"I" Grades Due (GRAD)                   Mon       Apr  28
Pass/NoPass Declaration (UG)            Thu-Mon   Apr  24,25,28
Last Day of Class                       Mon       Apr  28
Reading Days                            Tue/Wed   Apr  29/30
Final Exams Begin                       Thu       May  1
Final Exams End                         Thu       May  8
Final Grades Due by 12:00 noon          Sat       May  10
University Commencement                 Sun       May  18

Classes Begin                           Mon       Jun  2
Independence Day Holiday                Fri       Jul  4
Classes End                             Mon       Jul  28
Final Grades Due 12:00 noon             Wed       Jul  30
Summer Awarding of Degrees              Fri       Aug  15

revised 12/19/96