The Seminar Approach to General Education and Scholarship (SAGES)

The first two reports below focus only on the SAGES pilot program and the third report examines the impact of SAGES during students' first year only.

Using NSSE Benchmarks to assess the impact of the SAGES pilot program
Using NSSE and the Senior Survey to assess SAGES learning goals
Assessing the impact of the first-year SAGES experience using NSSE data (PowerPoint)

In addition to our own research on the SAGES program, Institutional Research worked with the University Undergraduate Faculty's SAGES Impact Committee. In 2008 we provided extensive analysis of existing data. In 2009 we worked with the Impact Committee to create and analyze student, faculty, and department surveys assessing the impact of the SAGES Capstone requirement.

2009 UUF Report on the Impact of SAGES (Login required)
2008 UUF Report on the Impact of SAGES (Login required)


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