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Student Survey Results and Analysis.

The Office of Institutional Research regularly surveys various student populations.

I.R. Survey Content Summary

I.R. Survey Schedule

Below, we have organized surveys by student group:

First-Year Surveys

Two types of surveys are administered to first-year students. The first, given to students prior to arriving at the university, examines students' high school experiences and expectations for college. The second is given to first-year students in their second semester and asks them to reflect on their academic and personal growth over the first year of college.

The National Survey of Student Engagement

The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) is a survey instrument that has been administered to first-year students and seniors at more than 1,400 institutions since it was first piloted in 1999. This survey asks students to report on their engagement both in and out of the classroom.

Senior Surveys

Every year graduating seniors are surveyed about their satisfaction with the university and their development on a number of measures of learning. Additionally, each year senior students are asked to complete the Career Center's First Destination Survey about their future employment and educational plans.

International Student Surveys

In order to better understand the needs of this growing student population, we periodically conduct surveys and studies of our international students.

Graduate and Professional Student Surveys

Students in post-baccalaureate programs make up over half of the university’s student population, but their experience has not been studied as often or as intensively as the undergraduate experience. In fall 2009 more than 1,200 graduate and professional students were surveyed about their academic programs, interactions with peers and faculty, and career plans.

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