Results from Senior Surveys

CWRU Senior Survey

The CWRU Senior Survey examines seniors' overall college experiences, including satisfaction with their college education, plans for after college, and learning that took place while at CWRU.

Quality of the Academic Experience (2013)
Satisfaction with the Undergraduate Experience (2013)

College Senior Survey (CSS)

The Cooperative Institutional Research Program's College Senior Survey project is aimed at providing information on the characteristics, college experience, and aspirations of graduating seniors. Case administered this survey in the Spring of 2011.

College Senior Survey 2011: Student Satisfaction
College Senior Survey 2011: Life After College
College Senior Survey 2011: Student Development
College Senior Survey 2011: Faculty and Student Interactions

The previous administration of the College Senior Survey was in 2008.

Results from the 2008 College Senior Survey: The Academic Experience
Results from the 2008 College Senior Survey: The Co-Curricular Experience
Results from the 2008 College Senior Survey: Athletics

First Destination Survey (FDS)

Given each year to graduating seniors, the First Destination Survey provides information on students' post-graduation plans. Note: the Center for Institutional Research conducts the analysis of the First Destination Survey but the Career Center conducts the survey and produces the final report.

2012 First Destination Survey
2011 First Destination Survey
2010 First Destination Survey
2009 First Destination Survey
2008 First Destination Survey
2007 First Destination Survey