First-Year Student Survey Results.

CIRP Freshman Survey

The Cooperative Institutional Research Program's freshman survey project is aimed at providing information on the characteristics, educational goals, and aspirations of first-time college students. Case has participated in the national freshman survey project eight times since 1997, most recently in 2013.

CIRP 2013: College Choice
CIRP 2013: College Expectations
CIRP 2013: Diversity
CIRP 2013: Health
CIRP 2013: High School Experiences

Results from the 2012 administration of the survey:

CIRP 2012: Students and Politics
CIRP 2012: Civic Engagement
CIRP 2012: Leadership

Results from the 2010 administration of the survey:

Overview of 2010 results from the freshman survey
CIRP 2010: Activities and beliefs
CIRP 2010: College decisions and aspirations
CIRP 2010: Mental health

Results from the 2007 administration of the survey:

A profile of students who entered Case in 2007
The changing face of Case first-year students
A comparison of Case first-year students to first-year students at other highly selective research universities

Your First College Year (YFCY)

Assesses the academic and personal development of students. Intended to be administered in conjunction with the Freshman Survey and the College Senior Survey.

National Organization: Cooperative Institutional Research Program at the Higher Education Research Institute at University of California, Los Angeles
Population: First-year students
Years Administered: 2005, 2008, 2011, 2013
Next Administration:


2014 YFCY: Academic Experiences (CWRU login required)
2014 YFCY: Diversity (CWRU login required)

2013 YFCY: Executive Summary
2013 YFCY: Academic Experiences
2013 YFCY: Career Planning
2013 YFCY: Civic Engagement
2013 YFCY: Diversity
2013 YFCY: Leadership
2013 YFCY: Practices that Lead to Academic Success
2013 YFCY: Religiosity - Spirituality
2013 YFCY: Satisfaction
2013 YFCY: Student-Faculty Interaction
2013 YFCY: Student Self-Perceptions
2013 YFCY: Transition to College
2013 YFCY: Written and Oral Communication

2011 YFCY: Student Satisfaction
2008 YFCY: The Academic Experience
2008 YFCY: The Co-Curricular Experience

The Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement (BCSSE)

The Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement measures first-year students' high school academic and extra-curricular involvement, as well as their expectations for participation in activities related to student engagement while in college. Click here for a copy of the survey instrument. Incoming first-year students took this survey in 2006 and 2008. These reports examine results from the BCSSE survey:

A summary of the 2008 BCSSE survey results
A summary of the 2006 BCSSE survey results

The BCSSE survey is designed as a companion piece to the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE). Click here for previous NSSE survey instruments. As such, responses on the two instruments can be compared, thus providing information about the transition from high school to college. These reports examine the BCSSE and NSSE instruments together:

Following up the 2008 BCSSE with the 2009 NSSE
Following up the 2006 BCSSE with the 2007 NSSE