GELS Guidelines

Global Ethical Leadership Society (GELS) Guidelines:

Membership into this society requires completion of the following:

  • Student must complete a GELS application
  • Student must obtain a recommendation from a faculty member
  • Interview with the Director of Inamori International Center for Ethics and Excellence
  • Interview with governing executive body in which candidate will present his/her case and/or contributory ideas for admission
  • Induction will be once per year (i.e., January) during a formal pinning ceremony and reception (candidates may attend all meetings and events prior to formal pinning).

The GELS organization will consist of the following governing executive leaders: (Terms of office consist of whichever comes first: two years or graduation.  The executive body will be voted into office by all members.  Prior to election, incoming running candidates will briefly presents [3-5 minutes] to the Society their goals and objectives for the office for which they run.)


  • Provide ethical leadership to all members
  • Uphold all guidelines and policies set forth by the Director
  • Represent the Society  across campus, the community, nationally and globally
  • Exercise governing authority in holding meetings and admittance process of new members
  • Serve as the main liaison between the Society and Director
  • Working with the members, develop schedule of events/activities and regularly provide Director with updates
  • Present new members at pinning ceremony

Vice President

  • Chair meetings/activities in the President’s absence
  • Assist President with various functions

Public Relations Coordinator

  • Support the president with all public relations activities
  • Ensure that all public notices (i.e., posters) are created, distributed and displayed across campus
  • Will pursue actions to  further the development of recruitment


  • Maintain a log of all events and activities throughout the year
  • Record minutes of official meetings and distribute to all members, director, and assistant director following the meeting
  • Manage the financials of the society’s budget; pay all expenses; provide financial report updates at meetings; submit reports to president, vice-president, director and assistant director
  • At the end of his/her term-of-office, turn financial documents over to the newly elected Secretary-Treasurer and acquaint the new officer with duties of responsibilities

1)  Monthly meetings
2)  Kick-Off Gathering (i.e., picnic-September) and Publicity Campaign (to generate membership and bring awareness to campus and community)
3)  Induction Pinning Ceremony (January)
4) Farewell Celebration and Appreciation to Executive Leaders (April)