GELS Funding

The Inamori International Center for Ethics and Excellence is pleased to sponsor students, CWRU departments, and outside CWRU affiliated projects and/or events in which ethics or ethical leadership is the primary focus.  Inspired by the words of our founder, Dr. Kazuo Inamori, “Serve humankind through ethical deeds rather than actions based on self-interest and selfish desires,” the Inamori Center is dedicated to exploring ethical issues from a global perspective, to nurturing international awareness and understanding of our common humanity through the study, teaching, and practice of ethics, and to the pursuit of excellence in all worthwhile human endeavors. We welcome all proposals and will give fair and equal review to all funding requests.  Funding will be based on best alignment to the mission of the Inamori International Center for Ethics and Excellence, and may be limited by the finances of the Center at any given time. 


A formal online proposal process must be completed and approved before any funding will be awarded.  Funding is based upon the Center’s ability to financially support the project/event; the defined purpose(s) must contain ethical components that align with the Center’s mission; the time allocated for processing an approval must be within the parameter of the staffing capability; the overall impact of the sponsorship to the Inamori Center, to Case Western Reserve University, and to the recipient(s) of the sponsorship. All proposals must adhere to standards of ethics and excellence. Some priority may be given to proposals made by GELS members. Upon collaboration of the Inamori Center Director and Assistant Director for financial strategic planning, awarding of such proposals will be at the discretion of Director Dr. Shannon E. French.  Questions may be directed to Office Coordinator Christian Frano at 216-368-2456 or  

It is advisable to submit proposals as soon as possible (the more notice, the better), but not less than two weeks, in advance of your event/project. Monies are distributed throughout the fiscal year; however, total funding allotment will be determined at the beginning of the fiscal year.  No proposals will be considered for the current year after May 1st.  Any proposals submitted after May 1st for the following fiscal year will not be addressed before July 1st of the fiscal year in which the project/event will take place. 

In most cases, you will be required to provide reciprocation to the Inamori Center at the conclusion of your project/event to enhance and advance the development of ethical leadership on CWRU campus (i.e., by giving a presentation about your experience, etc.).  You will be informed of your specific reciprocal requirement in writing at the time of pre-approval, and will be required to return the signed form indicating your acceptance and agreement.  In addition, the acceptance form provides an opportunity for you to agree to or decline having your picture placed on our website. 

If you wish to submit a request for funding, please complete the information and submit to Christian Frano,

  • Proposal (must contain the following): 
    • Name of organization and/or name of individual applying for funding
    • Contact information for the organization and/or individual (telephone/email)
    • Identify the name of the individual, organization, or department that will be refunded (to whom the check will be made)
    • Name and title of individual handling all financial aspects
    • Speedtype (if payment will be deposited to a departmental account)
    • Purpose and/or rationale of project/event,
    • Amount requested
    • Date(s) of project/event
  • There is a two-step awarding process, and you will be notified within 7-14 days of your submission: 
    1. If your proposal is pre-approved, you will be required to sign the Contract of Gifted Agreement/ Acceptance of Award indicating your acceptance of the funding and the stipulation(s), and complete the appropriate Travel or Non-Travel forms below, returning all to Christian Frano at  
    2. Once we review all forms, you will be notified of your official approved award, which will be paid out at the conclusion of your project/event, providing you complete all post-event requirements.




  • Original and itemized receipts ONLY.   Please note purpose on top of each receipt (i.e., lunch, taxi, etc.).
  • Evaluation

Required for TRAVEL AWARDS:

If your project/event requires domestic or international travel, you must complete the appropriate forms below and forward to Christian Frano at Once you have provided all forms and have been approved, you will locate the most economical flight and notify both Office Coordinator Christian Frano(368-0986) and Secretary Susan Vadino (368-2579).  Ms. Frano will book your flight based on the information you provide




  • Original and itemized receipts ONLY. Please note purpose on top of each receipt (i.e., lunch, taxi, etc.).
  • Travel Expense Statement
  • Evaluation





Please note:  NO MONEY WILL BE DISTRIBUTED WITHOUT ORIGINAL RECEIPTS.  Copies, letters, emails of mass airline tickets do NOT constitute an original receipt.  If you have any concerns or questions regarding this stipulation, please direct them to Office Coordinator Christian Frano, 216-368-0986, prior to your event. This is a firm policy by which the Inamori Center adheres to University regulations. 

Tax & Credit Cards:

Case Western Reserve University is a tax-exempt organization and we do not reimburse students for any taxes. Please be aware that those expenses will not be refundable. Also, when using a credit card, the original receipt which must be submitted is the itemized receipt.  If you submit the non-itemized receipt you will only be reimbursed for a university-approved amount.