3rd Federal Savings and Loan Student Intern Scholarship

Introduction and Purpose:

The vision of the 3rd Federal Savings and Loan student intern scholarship is to allow a member of the GELS student organization (the Global Ethical Leadership Society) to learn first-hand how core values are communicated and reinforced within an organization. The chosen intern will receive $1,500 to supplement their pay to serve as an intern for a successful organization within our community with a strong commitment to ethics. In addition to his/her other intern responsibilities, the intern will be expected to study the ethics of the organization, in policy and practice. Further specifics of the internship experience will be shaped through collaboration with the intern's supervisor and faculty advisor.

3rd Federal Bank permanently endowed this scholarship, so it will be available every summer from now on, exclusively to GELS members. It's very exciting and unique, and it will truly make the resume of the recipient stand out from the pack (just imagine a prospective employer seeing that you've done an ethics-based internship!).