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Emeritus appointment is bestowed as an honor upon retired full-time faculty in recognition of meritorious service to Case Western Reserve University. It is contingent on initiation by departmental faculty eligible to vote and on support and approval of the constituent faculty appointment, promotion and tenure committee, and dean, as well as the president and University Board of Trustees. It is expected that candidates for emeritus appointment will meet the following conditions:

  • Meritorious contributions to the school and to the University.
  • Continuous service of at least ten years as a full-time faculty member.
  • Minimum retirement age of 60. In exceptional cases, a faculty member who retires early because of disability may be considered for emeritus appointment at an earlier age, provided that the other conditions have been met.
  • Retirement from full-time active service at Case Western Reserve University.

For more information about emeriti appointments, see the Faculty Handbook, Chapter 3, Part II, Article VI.

The Office of Emeriti Affairs is located in Adelbert Hall, Room 109.

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