Applications for the Class of 2015 are open now through 5:00 p.m. on Friday, June 13, 2014.


The following individuals are WSLDI graduates whom you may contact should you need advice or assistance with your application:


Genine Apidone, Director, Student Engagement, Division of Education & Student Programs, Case School of Engineering, CWRU - WSLDI Class of 2013 - genine.apidone@case.edu

Sri Cherukuri, IT Project Manager, WSLDI Class of 2013, sridevi.cherukuri.99@gmail.com

Sara Fields, Director of Alumni Relations, Development & Alumni Relations Office, School of Dental Medicine, CWRU, WSLDI Class of 2013 - sara.fields@case.edu

Jing Li, Manager, Financial ERP, Division of Finance, CWRU WSLDI Class of 2010 - jing.li5@case.edu

Heidi Page, Assistant Director of Biosafety, Biological Safety Officer, Environmental Health & Safety, CWRU WSLDI Class of 2013 - heidi.page@case.edu

Lisa Palazzo, J.D., Director of Export Control and Privacy Management, CWRU, WSLDI Class of 2013 - lisa.palazzo@case.edu

Gail A. Papay, M.Ed., L.P.C., Managing Editor, Design Issues and Nonprofit Management & Leadership, CWRU, and Professional Counselor, WSLDI Class of 2011 - gail.papay@case.edu

JC Scharf-Deering, M.A., Assistant Director, Institutional Biosafety Committee & Human Stem Cell Research Oversight Committee, CWRU, WSLDI Class of 2011- jcs12@case.edu

Heather Clayton Terry, M.P.A., Associate Director for Women in Science and Engineering & Women in Science and Engineering Roundtable (WISER) Student Adviser, Flora Stone Mather Center for Women, CWRU - WSLDI Class of 2013 - hcc5@case.edu

Mitzi Vazquez-Long, MSPOD, Organizational Development Professional, Organizational Development and Learning, University Hospitals, WSLDI Class of 2011 -    mitzi.vazquez-long@UHhospitals.org

Kim Volarcik, Executive Director Research Compliance, Office of Research Administration, CWRU - WSLDI Class of 2010 - kav6@case.edu


Please follow the istructions and fill in your application, below. Once you have completed everything and uploaded your resume and supervisor's letter of agreement, please click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form.