The Flora Stone Mather Center for Women invites women staff to apply for the year-long program – Women Staff Leadership Development Institute. Offered to full-time women staff at Case Western Reserve University, the program aims to nurture and develop talent while helping women staff cultivate their leadership skills.


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WSLDI Class of 2014

  • Megan Allen, Librarian and Head of Technology Initiatives,
    The Judge Ben C. Green Law Library, School of Law

  • Colleen Barker-Williamson, Director of Student Activities & Leadership, Division of Student Affairs

  • Amanda Cusick Kenney, Coordinator,
    Professional Development Programs YMCA

  • Nada Di Franco, Director of Alumni Relations and Development,
    The Office of Development and Alumni Relations, MSASS

  • Diana Fox, Research Assistant, Center on Substance Abuse
    and Mental Illness, MSASS

  • Katherine Gullett, Assistant Director of Institutional Development,
    University Major Gifts

  • Pamela Hlavin, Project Manager, Information Technology Services

  • Lori Karpinecz, Clinical Site Regulatory Monitor, Ophthalmology
    & Visual Sciences, University Hospitals

  • Ericka McPherson, Executive Education Accountant,
    Executive Education Administration, WSOM

  • Alexis Melville, Career Development Manager,
    Career Management, WSOM

  • Melissa Evans Persensky, Associate Director of Marketing &
    Recruitment, Division of Enrollment Management and Marketing

  • Felice Thornton-Porter, Assistant Director of Radiation Safety, &
    Assistant Radiation Safety Officer, Environmental Health and Safety

Case Western Reserve University

The Women Staff Leadership Development Institute (WSLDI)
Graduating Class of 2013