International Women's Group One-To-One Mentoring Program

Bringing international female graduate/professional students
and international professionals together

The International Women's Group One-to-One Mentoring Program is designed for international women graduate and professional students to develop leadership and strengthen supportive relationships that can ease the transition to the United States workplace, help solidify future career and educational goals, and make new friends.


International professional women who reside in the Cleveland area serve as mentors female international graduate and professional students. Mentors can make a difference by offering their time, resources, experience, and/or support. Through this experience, mentors help students make connections with others in their field and future career, discuss career paths and obstacles, and share global experiences as international women.


The program offers the flexibility of creating a mentor/mentee relationship based on the needs, goals and schedules of each pair. Mentors and mentees often connect over coffee, at programs and events, and/or by phone or email, based on their mutually agreed upon time commitment.


As part of the program, we ask that mentors and mentee attend the following annual events:

  • The Fall Welcome Dinner

  • The Winter Networking Lunch

  • The International Spring Dinner

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Also, if the opportunity is available, we encourage pairs to schedule a job shadowing experience, which can provide mentees with hands-on knowledge in their discipline.


Please share this opportunity with international professional women who live and work in the Cleveland area and may be interested in becoming a mentor.


If you are a student who is interested in joining the program, or have any questions, please contact Amanda Cusick Kenney at or 216-368-0985.

International Women's Group
One-To-One Mentoring Information


Are you interested in:

  • Building direct one-to-one relationships with women international professionals in the Cleveland area;

  • Learning how international women make it;

  • Sharing your global experiences, career goals and concerns;

  • Creating connections, and

  • Enjoying social events?

Learn how to get involved:

Contact the IWG at

or call (216)-368-0985