Building upon the foundational achievements of the ACES program WFLDI is aligned to achieve success for the university strategic plan by promoting diversity through improved retention of women faculty, contributing to a better campus climate, and providing faculty resources that meet the expectations and needs of women faculty scholars.


The comprehensive activities target faculty women at each stage of their career, invite the sharing of knowledge across disciplines and ranks, provide customized resources for schools or departments, and encourage collaboration with University partners to improve campus and department climates.





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Susan Freimark

Susan Freimark

Associate Director
of Faculty Leadership Programs


Email: sbf@case.edu 
Tinkham Veale University Center room 248
Tel: 216.368.0985  Fax: 216.368.0977



Women Faculty Connect

Join your women faculty colleagues from across campus for an informal lunch where you can network, chat, find new resources, and be part of a campus community of women. Sponsored by the Women Faculty Leadership Development Institute.


Women Faculty Connect
Chat Room:

To sign up, visit https://lists.case.edu/wws

The Women Faculty Connect listserv is a place for you to post your questions and get some feedback and answers. Its goal is to provide answers that will assist in expediting solutions to a number of work/life dilemmas faced by women faculty at CWRU.

Advice From Full Professors

A small panel of full professors lead a discussion about various topics of special interest to women faculty. Topics have included, "Getting the Most From Your Chair," "Being Mentored for What you Need," and "Maximizing Your Writing Efforts." Held in a private, informal setting, this small group discussion provides strategies, support, and advice.


Speaker Series

Each year WFLDI sponsors a series of speakers and workshops that address a particular theme. The Lab Management Series included programs on lab organization and administration, managing research assistants and students, lab budgeting procedures, and tips on managing your grants. Watch for news of upcoming programs.