All opportunities are open to CWRU members, regardless of gender

Advisory Board Members: A Call for New Boards and More People!

If you are interested in participating in the co-curricular programming and initiatives at the Center for Women, a great way to do that is by expressing your interest to the Center at centerforwomen@case.edu. In addition to our long-standing Community Advisory Board, and the programming boards of WSLDI and WFLDI, we will be establishing three additional advisory boards for the Center by fall 2014:

  • Undergraduate Student Advisory Board
  • Graduate & Professional Student Advisory Board
  • Faculty Advisory Board



Paid Positions

Undergraduates: The Flora Stone Mather Center for Women employs undergraduate students through the federal college work-study program. The work students perform at the Center for Women range from assisting with general office tasks to planning and implementing campus programs. The Work-Study Program is a form of federal financial aid. A portion of the student's wages are paid by the federal government, and the remaining portion is paid by the university department employing the student up to the student's earnings limit. Any wages a student earns through this program are excluded as income by the Office of University Financial Aid for purposes of financial aid need assessment in subsequent years. In order to qualify for Work-Study, however, a student must first complete the financial aid application process and be determined eligible by the Office of University Financial Aid.

Graduates: The Flora Stone Mather Center for Women occasionally employs graduate students, especially when their research or professional interests align with the Center's mission and when we have the need and means to fund graduate-student research assistants.

For more information, please email centerforwomen@case.edu.


Volunteer Opportunities

The Center for Women is currently seeking volunteers for the following opportunities:

  • Professional Mentors for WISER
    The WISER Professional Mentoring Program is recruiting professional women in the STEMM fields who might be interested in serving as a mentor to a WISER student. Mentors are given basic guidelines and training, but the main requirement is a desire to share your experiences and knowledge and offer advice. For more information, please see the WISER website or email centerforwomen@case.edu.

  • Advertising and Marketing (Street Team)
    We can always use an extra set of hands to advertise programs and events.
    Volunteers help distribute marketing materials and brochures throughout campus and the community.


To learn more about all of our job, volunteer, internship, and advisory opportunities
please contact centerforwomen@case.edu or call our office at 216-368-0985.