What people are saying...

"All of my experiences with the center have been overwhelmingly positive. The staff is dedicated and amazing and the programs are well planned. One of the things I like best about the center is that it fosters a collaborative, supportive atmosphere. I've met some wonderful people through the center and I always come away from it feeling empowered and rejuvenated. Especially during this challenging time for the university, the center offers hope."
— Staff member and Case alum.
"I love to receive the newsletters and the information about programs upcoming events on campus. Even if I cannot attend, it is a good feeling to know that we make such positive programs and information available for our women students, staff and faculty. Please keep up the good work! I hope that you will pass along our responses in support of continuing or additional funding." — Lynne Ford
"I love being on the Steering Committee because it gives me the opportunity to do quality programming on campus and to help spread the word about how many resources the Center for Women has! " — Christine Chambers — FSM Center Student Steering Committee
"I have been involved with the Women's Center solely through the Wednesday Writing Group; I really look forward to it as a protected time to connect with the practice of writing. It is a comfortable safe space and the group maintains a great intimacy." 
— Jennifer Monti, Cleveland Clinic Foundation
"The academic program in Women's and Gender Studies values the FSM Center for Women as a source of high-quality programming. It sponsors internal and external speakers, workshops, and events that stimulate our faculty and students.
The faculty in Women's and Gender Studies (women and men) also value the center as the logical and helpful place to send our students whose concerns and questions are not purely academic." — Margaretmary Daley, Director of the program in Women's and Gender Studies, College of Arts and Sciences

"I definitely have benefited from the Center! The Flora Stone Center for Women has always been open to me for great partnership. Since I was an RA as an undergraduate and Dana Blocker worked with me to present "Safe Partying" at Case, those interested in women's health at the center have been particularly helpful.

Last semester the center helped me host an event for the campus on Childbirth options. We invited community professionals to share with us important information regarding our prospects as reproductive health care consumers.

The workers from the Center were generous with their time, efforts, and resources and directly influenced a successful program. They have similarly been a constant advocate for any other projects or programs I have presented at Case and I am extremely grateful for the support they have granted me.  

In less of an official way, the center has provided me with a great space to talk to friends, relax between classes, and obtain information. Their presence is warm, supportive, and hopefully permanent on this campus!" — Rachel Pope 4th year undergrad/1st year graduate

"The impact made by the Center on the Case campus cannot be measured by any quantitative metric.  The simple fact of the Center's existence is in itself paramount because students are aware of a safe space on campus.  It took me four years to make my way through its door, but the trip was well worth the results.  With the gentle support of Dana Blocker I was able to take much-needed steps forward and significantly improve my quality of life.  The Center is a tremendously invaluable asset and I am grateful for its welcoming atmosphere, aptitude of staff, and admirable mission." —Jane Koltsova
"It is difficult to pinpoint and summarise the ways that I have benefited from the Flora Stone Mather Center for Women.  There are certainly programmes that have positively affected me – from "That Takes Ovaries" to the discussion about "Balancing Work and Family."  I have never attended a programme that was sponsored by the Center that did not benefit me in some way.  Additionally, there was an excellent relationship between the Center and some of the student organisations to which I belonged.  While serving on the executive board of the Panhellenic Council, I was very pleased with the joint programming and support that the Center provided.  Within in my own sorority, the same great relationship held true, and I am very thankful for this.

If I only discussed these superficial matters such as programming and organisational relationships, I would be doing a great disservice to the Center and to myself.  The ways in which the Center for Women has benefited me runs far deeper than these issues.  I can honestly say with true sincerity and without agenda that the Flora Stone Mather Center for Women has changed my life.  It has strengthened my support of feminism in specific and broadened my outlook on life in general.  While I used to be the definition of "closet feminist," I have embraced this movement and made my convictions public, and this was possible because of the support and understanding of the staff at the Center.  The Center has helped me to develop into a better person, the type of person I want to be, and has helped me to gain a firm grasp on what I want (and don't want) out of life.  The staff at the Center gave me the much needed support in choosing a graduate programme and was subsequently very encouraging when I chose to study abroad to earn my Masters degree at the University of Cambridge in Cambridge, England.  This transition would not have been possible had the staff not helped me to develop the critical level of confidence in myself.

In whole, I am very thankful for each and every interaction afforded to me with the Flora Stone Mather Center for Women.  The women at Case Western Reserve University are lucky to have such an incredible staff and space available to them, and my only request is that the Center continues to grow in funding and in personnel as there is such a great need for the support of women at Case. " — Laura Draper, Class of 2005 Case Western Reserve University