Believe in Yourself! Believe in the Future of Women!

The Flora Stone Mather Center for Women believes in you! Do you believe in yourself?
Generations of women today are in much better circumstances and have expanded life choices due partially to the education and advocacy that flows from academic women’s centers throughout the country.

The Center for Women at CWRU is only 8 years old, but already we have touched the lives of hundreds of women in our workshops and mentoring programs, and thousands of people in our events! Won’t you help us continue to support and empower future generations of women?

We have been challenged by the Flora Stone Mather Alumni Association to raise $1 million by May 2012 – in order to receive $1 million from them. We are very close, needing only $200,000 to meet our goal. But we have less than 12 months to do it!

You may have other good causes on your list – we all do. But I am asking you to put yourself first as a woman this time, this year. Think of the support, encouragement and mentoring you received as a young woman and how much it meant to you. We can pass it on by helping countless young women like you. Secure the future for women at Case Western Reserve University.

How to donate:

If you’d like to make a gift, there are several ways to do it. Go to: to see how!
If you work for Case Western Reserve University, you can donate via payroll deduction.

Planned giving also “counts” toward the match.

If you have questions:

Call or email Dorothy Miller, Center Director. 216-368-0985,

or Gary Pillar in University Development at 216-368-3992.

Bridge to the Future Campaign Leadership

Susie Gharib, FSM '72 Campaign National Chairwoman
Mary Ann Jorgenson, LAW '75, Campaign Chairwoman
Patricia B. Kilpatrick, FSM '49, GRS '51, Campaign General Chairwoman

National Committee

Steering Committee

Susie Gharib, National Chairwoman
Roma Cohen Aronoff
Sarah S. Austin
Virginia Nord Barbato
Linda Burnes Bolton, D.P.H.
Rev. Catherine Glennan Borchert
Jeannette Grasselli Brown
Thalia Dorwick, Ph.D.
Julie Louise Gerberding, M.D.
Gina Gibney
Lynn Rothschild Gitlitz
Sally Gries
Lainie Hadden
Jennie Hwang
Prudence Bilutan Randall, Ph.D.
Alix Kates
Shulman Elizabeth Spahr, Ph.D.
Frances P. Taft

Hedy Kangesser Adler
Erin Bartman
Christine Branche
Barbara Collins*
Christine Cowan-Gascoigne
Carolyn Bayless Cunningham
Dianne Derrick
Susannah Thompson Doman
Mary McGuire Eitzen
Beth Embrescia*
Heather Roulston Ettinger
Caryn Foltz*
Pamela Johnston Gorski
Harriett Rosenthal Gould
Carol Griffith
Charlotte Rosenthal Guggenheim
Lynne Alfred Hanson*
Elizabeth Hijar
Edith Fellinger Hirsch
Ka-Pi Hoh
Gay Sheuer Janis
Kathryn Karipides

Alberta Lantz Kelvie
Patricia B. Kilpatrick*
Rachel Kirsh
Susan Friedman Klarreich, Ph.D.
Cathy Lewis
Jeannine Love
Kristen Manter, M.D.
Dorothy C. Miller, D.S.W.*
Dorothy Taylor Mitchell
Simin Naraghipour
Deborah Nash
Billie Jean Navojosky
Jill Paulsen
Gary Pillar*
JoAnne Med Podis, Ph.D.
Lynn Singer, Ph.D.
Susan Troia*
Sandra Malek Vodanoff*
Christina Welter
Sadie Winlock
Dorothy Taylor ZanettI

* Denotes a member of the executive committee Campaign Committees