Financial and Budget Related Committees


Faculty Senate Budget Committee

The Faculty Senate Budget Committee (FSBC) participates with the University administration to assure that budgetary goals and priorities are responsive to the academic plans.

Case Western Reserve UniversityThe FSBC presents the views and priorities of the faculty, raises questions on various budget matters, and reports back to the full Senate on performance against budget. Specifically from the Constitution, Article VI., Sec. C., Par. 2-4, the Budget Committee shall:

University Budget Committee

The University Budget Committee (UBC) serves in an advisory capacity during the budget process and interacts with the Office of Budget and Financial Planning (OBP), the University Planning Committee (UPC), and the Faculty Senate Budget Committee (FSBC). The UBC advises the President on annual and long-term guidelines established during the planning process and on the fit with the priorities of the academic strategic plan, and also serves as an advocate for the process and outcomes to the rest of the university community.