The UCITE offices contain the following:

  • A lending library of over 200 books and videotapes.
  • Subscriptions to periodicals on teaching and higher education.

UCITE also offers the following services:

  • We can observe your class and provide you with feedback on any specific issue with which you might be concerned.
  • We can lead a discussion with your students any time during the semester and provide you with feedback to enable you to make any mid-course corrections that might be desirable.
  • We provide individual consultation on teaching issues.
  • We maintain a library of books and videotapes that deal with teaching and faculty growth topics.
  • We have a regular series of seminars and special events dealing with teaching issues.
  • We award grants for innovative teaching ideas.
  • We organize workshops on special topics at the request of departments.
  • We provide advice and support on teaching issues to other campus organizations.
  • We can advise you on the videotaping of your classes, with the tape given to you immediately afterwards. You can choose to view the videotape yourself or discuss it with us. We do not do the actual videotaping. For that you need to directly contact Media Vision. After they tape your classes and give the tape to you, we will view it with you and give feedback.
  • We conduct the annual orientation program for new faculty.

UCITE's Associate Director Sarah de Swart will be available to offer CWRU faculty individual coaching sessions on presentation skills. Drawing upon her background in theater and radio, these sessions will cover (depending on need):

  • Presentation skills in the classroom, at conferences, and at meetings
  • Using skills from the theater to improve presentation of self
  • Lecture skills – using voice and body language for best effect, effective positioning in classroom, and dealing with 'stage fright'
  • Improving vocal qualities: diction, pace, volume, breathiness, repeated patterns of inflection
  • Accent reduction
  • Energy, gestures, immediacy, prosocial motivators, eye contact
  • Creating good first impressions
  • Reducing classroom incivilities and managing critical incidents
  • Using PowerPoint to enhance rather than distract from presentations
  • Improving other communications skills such as listening, meeting management, group dynamics, conflict resolution, and difficult conversations

All individual services offered to faculty are carried out only at the request of the faculty member. The results are kept confidential and are not shared with anyone except at the request of the faculty member. The services are free for CWRU faculty but are contingent on the availability of time and scheduling. If you are interested, please contact the UCITE office by phone at 368-1224 or by email at