If you are interested in learning about experiential learning, learning styles, and the learning cycle you should go to David and Alice Kolb's site. In particular, click on their FAQ link to get some of the most popular questions answered. These FAQ responses are not just answers to simple questions. They are also reflective responses that address some of the deep philosophical and methodological issues surrounding learning styles.

Below are some links to various learning style inventories. Inclusion of the links here does not imply endorsement of the sites. We definitely do not want to imply that people's learning styles are innate or unchangeable. But learning styles can be used benignly in two ways: as a basis for forming cooperative groups and as a starting point for getting students to reflect on how they themselves learn.

Personality Inventory. This link takes you to a test based on Jung-Myers-Briggs typology. The results may be useful as a basis for forming groups.

VARK Learning Style Inventory. This link takes you to the Learning Style Inventories developed by Neil Fleming.

Personality Types. This link takes you to a description of the Myers-Briggs personality types. There is also an informal Cognitive Style Inventory that can be taken.