Teaching Tips is a good website that provides quick answers to some common teaching issues. It is indexed for convenient searching.

101 Things You Can Do in the First Three Weeks of Class gives useful suggestions for getting your class off to a good start and establishing a sense of community and rapport amongst your students.

Another useful site called Tips for Teachers provides links to various sources that deal with basic issues that arise in teaching.

The Seven Principles for Good Undergraduate Teaching distills finding from decades of research on the undergraduate experience into seven basic principles. Published originally in March 1987 in the American Association of Higher Education bulletin, the Seven Principles are based on an underlying view of education as active, cooperative, and demanding. The Seven Principles:

If you want to help students become more responsible for their learning and become self-directed learners, Gerald Grow's article on Teaching Students to be Self-Directed is a good resource.

Plagiarism. What can we do about this vexing, recurrent, and serious issue? This site has some very thoughtful comments and suggestions on how to prevent and deal with plagiarism, along with links to other resources.