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Learning Center : Troubleshooting

Cannot access PeopleSoft

You may not have a Case ID or Password. Or, you may just need to reset the password for your network ID. Use this link to access the password reset tool:


Cannot download PDF

If you receive the error "Internet Explorer cannot download the pdf file from erp.case.edu" in any Peoplesoft Database you need to follow these steps: In IE, click: Tools > Options > click Advanced tab and scroll to bottom. Under the security section, be sure that the box labeled "Do not save encrypted pages to disk" is NOT checked.

PDF does not appear

If you click on a report or other file within PeopleSoft and do not see a window appear, pop-up blocker settings may be preventing your browser from displaying the window. Go to http://www.case.edu/projects/erp/pop-up-blockers.html for directions.


Clearing Cache

Clearing your browser cache will speed up Web browsing. Learn how to clear the cache.

Pop-Up Blockers

Pop-ups should be disabled for PeopleSoft and secured Case websites. Learn how to disable pop-ups.

To get a Case ID

Visit https://its-services.case.edu/middleware/NetworkTools/userReg.html.

To reset your Case password

Visit https://its-services.cwru.edu/middleware/NetworkTools/csspr.html.

If you still are having problems logging into PeopleSoft call the Helpdesk at 216.368.4357, or email them at help@case.edu.