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Meet SPOT!

Self-Paced Online Training

SPOT is Self-Paced Online Training that is available while you work in the PeopleSoft Student Information System (SIS). To get started just click the blue underlined Help link that appears in the upper right hand corner of the PeopleSoft SIS window or click the link at the bottom of this screen. This will launch SPOT in a new window. Find the topic you would like to learn more about. Left click on it—this will highlight the topic name. In the upper right corner you will see three options for learning: See It!, Try It! and Do It!. Left click on the one you would like to start.

See It! enables you to learn by watching an animated demonstration of operations being performed in a simulated environment. All the required activities (moving the mouse, entering date, etc.) are completed automatically.

Try It! enables you to learn interactively. SPOT will prompt you to enter mouse clicks or keystrokes as you complete tasks in a simulated environment.

Do It! enables you to learn interactively while you work with actual data in the live system. You are presented a small window that displays each step for a particular task. As you complete a step, click the Next Step button to display the next step in the process.

Access SPOT to learn more about the Student Information System.