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Case Western Reserve University

proCWRUment Quarterly 2012 Volume2 Issue3

Vol. 2, Issue 3, 2012

This newsletter is published by The Office of Procurement and Distribution Services, Case Western Reserve University. To communicate with the editor, email: proCWRUment@case.edu.

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Did You Know?

Please return mail rubberbands to OMG / mail delivery personnel.

Numerous BD Bioscience items are available exclusively through the Fisher Scientific punch-out. Questions? Contact fisher@case.edu.

PeopleSoft Financials Users now change their own Ship-To Location by use of the CWRU Online Security Form on the bottom left of the PeopleSoft Financials menu.

SmartCART Window Shoppers still change their Ship-To Locations by emailing cwrushipto@case.edu or the online form.

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Phone: 216-368-2560

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Mail Center - Electronic Tracking System

Onsite Management Group Pic

The Mail Center is under new management! Onsite Management Group (OMG) took over the Mail Center in July 2011. Since then, many improvements have been implemented which we’d like to share these with you. The days of using paper logs for accountable mail items are behind us! That’s right; OMG has implemented the electronic tracking system, known as WITS (Winn Item Tracking System). This system allows OMG to track your important packages and mail pieces every step of the way. From the time it arrives in the mail center, until it is in your hands, we always know where it is. You can too by simply going to:
https://www.witstracking.net/CWRU/Default.aspx and log in with the following credentials.

After logging in, you will select “search” from the toolbar and follow the step-by-step instructions to locate your item, using a tracking number provided by the original Courier, whether that is FedEx, UPS or even the Post Office. Don’t forget to check the Courier website as well, to make sure your items have been delivered before checking our system.

Username: guest
Password: CWRUGuest

Do you have a very important piece of campus mail and you’d like to make sure it arrives at its destination? The Mail Center can help you there as well! Create a 12 digit tracking number. This can be any random number, but make sure you keep a copy of it for your records. A good way to create a tracking number is to use the date and 4 more digits you are familiar with. For example 010120120128 on January 1, 2012. Attach this number and a note just letting the Mail Center know you’d like it entered into the WITS tracking system. OMG Couriers will make sure this is done as soon as they arrive back in the Mail Center. You can stick your own barcode on these items if you have the software to create barcodes and OMG Couriers can then enter it into the Mail Center's system from your office!

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PeopleSoft Financials: Default Ship-To

PeopleSoft PicYou asked. We listened! Coming soon, DEFAULT SHIP-TO, will be available when entering Reqs in PeopleSoft Financials. A big thank you to ITS for helping to get this project completed and to make shipping multiple items to an alternate location as easy as possible. Again, please look for this to appear on the first step of creating a requisition in the tan bar titled Line Defaults, under the Req Name. Click on the small triangle next to "Line Defaults".

PS Fin Default Ship-To

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Document Search Available in SmartCART

Document Search Pic

As we announced in the last newsletter, Document Search is now available in SmartCART. It is a significant upgrade from the previous History search capabilitiy. PeopleSoft Financials users that can create reqs are able to search for their carts and POs. Window Shoppers can search for their carts and find POs by PO number or Cart Name.

You may find Advanced Search to be helpful. It is located to the right of the yellow "Go" button in Document Search. Also, please be aware that History has been deprecated and will be removed with the next version of SmartCART on March 26th, 2012.

Advanced Search

Procedural Changes in Campus Shipping

Boxes PicAll freight invoices (i.e. Prestige, Mercury Messenger etc...) need to have PO's in the system in order to facilitate payment. This is a change from the way they were centrally processed previously. FexEx invoices will still be processed centrally, but we ask that you register on-line and discontinue use of all Paper AirBills. If you have any of the paper AirBills still laying around, please destroy or recycle them. For assistance with on-line FedEx registration, please contact fedex@case.edu.

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Supplier Diversity: Diversity & Local Spending - 1st and 2nd Quarter UpdateSupplier Diversity Puzzle

CWRU’s Office of Procurement utilizes a Dashboard to track spending with Diverse and Local suppliers. Of the total amount of addressable spend in the first two quarters of Fiscal Year 2012 (7/1/11-12/31/12), fully 80% was spent in Northeast Ohio and 8.5% was spent with Diverse / Small businesses. CWRU suppliers include Minority-Owned, Women-Owned, and other certified Small Business Enterprises.  The Office of Procurement routinely fulfills its commitment to being both an excellent steward of CWRU resources while enhancing broad economic inclusion in all of our procurement efforts.

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SmartCART Vendors

sc bullet Airgas sc bullet IDT
sc bullet Amresco sc bullet Invitrogen
Small SmartCART Logo Applied Biosystems sc bullet McMaster Carr
sc bullet BD Biosciences sc bullet Qiagen
sc bullet BioExpress sc bullet R&D Systems
sc bullet Bio-Rad Laboratories sc bullet RocheNew!
sc bullet CDW-G sc bullet Sigma Aldrich
sc bullet DELL sc bullet Staples Advantage
sc bullet Denville Scientific sc bullet Steelcase
sc bullet Dot Scientific sc bullet TLC Springwater
sc bullet Fisher Scientific sc bullet VWR Int.
sc bullet Fisher Stockroom sc bullet XPedX
sc bullet Grainger  
sc bullet Henry ScheinComing Soon! sc bullet LPS Coming Soon!

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