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CWRU Mail Policy

The Case Western Reserve University Shipping and Receiving Department and the Internal Postal System are established and operated solely for the purpose of University-related mail to ensure efficient internal operation of University business. Items of personal property shall not be mailed to individuals via the University Shipping and Receiving Department and/or the Internal Postal System.

The University shall not be responsible in any way for personal mail items which are mailed to any employee using the University's address or the employee's campus address. The University expressly disclaims responsibility for any loss or damages of such items from any cause whatsoever.

Campus Mail

When preparing campus mail, be sure to use campus mail envelopes only. Use either the green letter-size envelope or the large brown Kraft envelope for non-confidential correspondence. Use the blue envelopes when mailing correspondence of a confidential nature. Campus mail envelopes should be addressed with the following information: Full Name, Department, Building/Room, and Location Code. Be sure to always list the four-digit location code for the department receiving mail to ensure fast and efficient distribution and delivery of campus mail. Do not use plain white envelopes for campus mail. They may be inadvertently mistaken for First Class Mail and metered with outgoing mail. As a result, sorting and delivery is delayed and unnecessary postage could be affixed to the envelope at the user department's expense.

** New Mailroom Guide Coming Soon