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Case Western Reserve University

Faculty Senate Newsletter

Message from the Chair of
the Faculty Senate

To the University Faculty:

Happy New Year to all, and welcome back for the start of the spring semester. In this mid-year newsletter we will report on the advances made by the Faculty Senate thus far this year, and I will comment below on issues currently under discussion.

The Senate has been reconsidering the Case School of Engineering’s proposal to modify the SAGES requirements for engineering undergraduates, and we expect that a revised proposal will come to the Faculty Senate for a vote early this spring. This time frame was chosen because if these modifications are enacted, we wish to provide the CSE governing board enough time to organize and advertise its upcoming curricular changes. As this proposal first surfaced on campus in 2007, we owe our colleagues in CSE a full resolution this year.

The extended discussion that surrounds the proposed CSE modifications to SAGES revealed that it is unclear exactly what is an individual school/college's commitment to SAGES, how a constituent faculty might modify SAGES requirements for its students, whether or not SAGES forms a common core for undergraduate education at Case Western Reserve University, and whether each constituent faculty has or should have absolute control of its curriculum. To address these concerns the Faculty Senate Committee on Undergraduate Education (FSCUE), chaired by Prof. Jim McGuffin-Cawley, and its Curriculum Subcommittee, is now considering a pathway for monitoring, supporting, and advising SAGES to enable us to bring "concerns and proposals about SAGES to the governance structure of the university."

Our discussions on SAGES also raised the important curricular question on campus of what next? Shortly, I will be contacting the deans and governing bodies of the Undergraduate Program Faculty asking them to initiate an engaging, forward thinking, and energetic discussion with their constituent faculty about whether there should be a common undergraduate core curriculum for all CWRU undergraduates. Our goal, as we did with SAGES, is to remain an innovative university providing the best possible educational experiences for our students.

Sadly, I need to take this opportunity to remember our colleague and Chair of the Faculty Senate Committee on Faculty Compensation, Mark A. Smith, Professor of Pathology. His passing is a tragic loss for our university. Mark will remain in our hearts and serve as an inspiration in our pursuit to advance the growth and reputation of our faculty and our university.

It is my honor to serve as chair of Faculty Senate this year. But I have not been successful alone. I extend my thanks to President Snyder and Provost Baeslack, who have worked hand in hand with the Faculty Senate, and most importantly to the faculty members who serve as elected senators and members of standing committees. Highlighted in this newsletter are some the Senate's activities so far this year.

Prof. Alan Levine, chair
Prof. Gary Chottiner, chair-elect
Prof. Carol Musil, past chair
Liz Woyczynski, secretary of the university faculty

New Websites

There are new websites for the Faculty Senate, Faculty Handbook and Faculty Senate By-laws.

In fall 2009, the Faculty Senate Committee on By-laws, chaired by Prof. Christine Cano (CAS), put forth a proposal that the website for the Faculty Senate – including the Faculty Handbook and the Senate By-laws – be updated. The proposal was voted a top priority by the Faculty Senate, and the Office of the President and the Provost generously funded the project.

The Faculty Handbook is now a functional web publication, which is much easier to navigate than a pdf copy. It has a "print friendly" option for each section.

The faculty handbooks at most universities are just pdfs. Many CWRU offices still find the pdf copy of the handbook very useful, especially for printing full copies as desk references. The pdf version of the CWRU Faculty Handbook is still accessible on the website.

The Faculty Senate By-laws are also now a fully functional web publication, with print friendly options on each page. The pdf version is still available on the website.

When work was delayed on the web design, the Office of Marketing and Communications kindly agreed to hire an outside contractor (at some additional expense to their office) to help us complete the project. We're grateful for their support.

We welcome continued input about how the websites can be made most useful to the Faculty Senate and the University Faculty.

Recruiting Faculty

The Faculty Senate Nominating Committee, chaired by Prof. Susan Tullai-McGuinness (SON), is recruiting faculty for openings on faculty senate committees for the 2011-2012 academic year. There are 16 committees and subcommittees; their charges and current membership are posted on the web.

Budget Committee
Committee on By-laws
Committee on Faculty Compensation
Committee on Faculty Personnel
Committee on Graduate Studies
Committee on Information and Communication Technology
Committee on Minority Affairs
Nominating Committee
Committee on Research
Committee on Undergraduate Education
FSCUE Academic Standing Subcommittee
FSCUE Admissions Subcommittee
FSCUE Curriculum Subcommittee
FSCUE Student Life Subcommittee
Committee on University Libraries
Committee on Women Faculty

Interested faculty members should fill out the online Faculty Senate Faculty Interest Survey, or contact Prof. Susan Tullai-McGuinness or Liz Woyczynski, secretary of the university faculty.

New Degrees

In Fall 2010, the Faculty Senate Committee on Graduate Studies, chaired by Prof. Gary Wnek (CSE), reviewed several proposals for new graduate degrees that were approved by the Faculty Senate. New degrees require subsequent approval by the Board of Trustees and the Ohio Board of Regents.

New Departments

The Faculty Senate voted to approve the merger of the Department of Communication Sciences and the Department of Psychology into a new Department of Psychological Sciences. The faculty of the College of Arts and Sciences voted to approve the merger in April 2010.

The Faculty Senate voted to approve the split of the Department of Theater and Dance to create a separate Department of Dance and Department of Theater. The faculty of the College of Arts and Sciences voted to approve the split in April 2010.

For Spring 2011

Pilot Program for Faculty Conciliation and Mediation: as presented by Prof. Bill Leatherberry, chair, ad hoc Committee on Grievance Process Reform, and Prof. Emeritus Wally Gingerich, Faculty Conciliation and Mediation Counselor. The Faculty Senate will consider whether or not to continue this pilot program.

University Budget Committee: as presented by Prof. J.B. Silvers, Faculty Senate Budget Committee. In response to the recommendations from the Provost's Budget System Review Committee, a pilot project will begin this spring to initiate a University Budget Committee, which will act as an advisory body to the Provost with broad university perspective and an intense involvement in the budgetary process. If faculty are interested in serving, please contact Prof. Alan Levine, chair, Faculty Senate.

Faculty are encouraged to contact Prof. Alan Levine, chair, Faculty Senate, or the faculty concerned, with questions or concerns about these issues.

Thanks to Our Faculty Chairs

Thanks to the faculty who chaired Faculty Senate standing and ad hoc committees this year:

Budget Committee: Prof. J.B. Silvers (WSOM)
By-laws: Prof. Ken Ledford (CAS)
Faculty Compensation: TBD
Faculty Personnel: Prof. Jim Kazura (SOM)
Graduate Studies: Prof. Gary Wnek (CSE)
Information Resources: Prof. Kalle Lyytinen (WSOM)
Minority Affairs: Prof. Faye Gary (SON)
Nominating Committee: Prof. Susan Tullai-McGuinness (SON)
Research: Prof. Mark Chance (SOM)
Undergraduate Education: Prof. Jim McGuffin-Cawley (CSE)
University Libraries: Prof. Mary Quinn Griffin (SON)
Women Faculty: Prof. Betsy Kaufman (SOM)
ad hoc Committee on Grievance Process Reform: Prof. Bill Leatherberry (LAW)

Thanks to the other faculty members who served on the
Faculty Senate Executive Committee this year:

Prof. Jessica Berg (LAW)
Prof. Sue Hinze (CAS)
Prof. Ken Loparo (CSE)
Prof. Diana Morris (SON)
Prof. Roy Ritzmann (CAS)
Prof. Jonathan Sadowsky (CAS)
Prof. Sorin Teich (SODM)

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