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Case Western Reserve University

Faculty Senate Newsletter

Year End 2011-2012

Posted here are the actions taken by the Faculty Senate and its committees in the past two months and the agenda items in progress for next year. To learn more about these issues, or contribute your thoughts, contact the senators and committee members posted on the Faculty Senate website.

Since the March Newsletter

  • The Senate approved new members for the senate standing committees; the Faculty Senate Executive Committee approved chairs for those committees. New memberships will be effective the day after Commencement and will be posted on the Faculty Senate website. Robin Dubin (WSOM) will assume her duties as chair of the Faculty Senate on May 21. Steven Garverick (CSE) will be chair-elect.

  • The Senate started using Google Sites in March; CWRU faculty members have access to the agenda and meeting materials posted there. The completed year-end reports from the senate standing committees are available on the Faculty Senate Google Site.

  • President Barbara R. Snyder announced that she will appoint a university task force to reconsider university support for childcare. She has volunteers from the Faculty Senate Committee on Women Faculty and Faculty Parents of Young Children; other faculty interested in participating should contact the Office of the President.

  • The Senate approved the appointment of Robert A. Salata (SOM), Gary Previts (WSOM) and Peter D. Lagerlof (CSE) as the faculty representatives to the new Advisory Council for the Center of International Affairs.

  • The Faculty Senate Executive Committee approved and the Senate endorsed revisions to the Conflict of Interest Policy. Most of the changes were necessitated by federal requirements. The updated policy will be posted on August 24, 2012.

  • The Senate approved revisions to its by-laws to allow the option of electronic attendance and voting for special meetings of the Senate.

  • Marilyn Mobley, vice president for inclusion, diversity and equal opportunity, presented the Annual Faculty Diversity Report.

Academic Policies

Academic Programs

The Senate approved proposals concerning these graduate and professional programs:

Health Care Benefits

Carolyn Gregory, vice president for human resources, gave an update on the health care benefits that took effect in January 2012. No major changes in the benefits plans are expected for next year, although costs for the various options may be adjusted.

School By-laws

The Senate approved revisions to the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing by-laws.

In Progress

Activities for the 2012-2013 academic year include:

  • Forming and charging a new ad hoc committee to review policies for faculty appointments outside the constituent faculties.

  • Finalizing revisions to the name and charge for the Faculty Senate Budget Committee, and clarifying its interactions with the new University Budget Committee.

  • Formalizing an updated grievance process.

  • Reviewing a proposed graduate student leave policy.

  • The Committee on Graduate Studies will review proposals on mentoring and professional development for graduate students, including a proposal presented by UCITE.

  • Improving communication between the Senate, its standing committees, and the faculty and administrative leaders of the constituent faculties.

  • The Faculty Senate Committee on Undergraduate Education (FSCUE) has taken the lead on proposing an appropriate structure for faculty oversight of the SAGES program.

  • The FSCUE is also leading the effort to consider changes in the course evaluation system, although the Committees on Graduate Studies and Faculty Personnel will have a role to play in this effort.

  • A proposal for Temporary Reduced Workload for Family Care has been drafted by the Committee on Women Faculty and is undergoing review before being brought to the Senate.

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