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Case Western Reserve University

Faculty Senate Newsletter

Spring 2012

Below you will find listed some of the actions taken by the Faculty Senate and its committees this year, plus brief descriptions of select issues that are currently under review. If you wish to learn more about any of these issues, or contribute your thoughts, refer to the contact information for senate representatives and committee members available on the Faculty Senate website.

Since our last newsletter in November:

     Academic Policies:

     Faculty Benefits:

  • Emeriti faculty are guaranteed use of their CWRU email address and full access to CWRU's Software Center and support services. Faculty who leave the university can arrange to have their CWRU email forwarded. The relevant amendments to the Faculty Handbook, drafted by the Committee on Information and Communication Technology, will be published in the Faculty Handbook after they are approved by the Board of Trustees.

  • Tuition waiver benefits for dependent children have been extended to ten years (instead of eight) after the death of a faculty member (paid through CWRU for 50% or more of their full time salary) or the appointment of a faculty member to emeriti status. The relevant changes to the Human Resources Policy Manual were endorsed by the Committee on Faculty Compensation.

     New Degree Programs, New Department Name, etc.:

These items will be presented shortly to the Board of Trustees for final approval.

     School By-laws:

  • Amendments to the SOM By-laws, which clarify the committee process for evaluating faculty candidates for promotion and tenure, and amendments to the FPBSON By-laws, regarding the appointments for research faculty, were reviewed by the Committee on By-laws and approved by the Faculty Senate.

In progress or planned:

The Faculty Senate has 12 standing committees, several of which are actively considering issues of interest to a broad spectrum of the University Faculty.

  • A proposal for Temporary Reduced Workload for Family Care is being drafted by the Committee on Women Faculty. This committee has also recommended the formation of a new presidential committee to consider increased university support for childcare.

  • Issues regarding special faculty are being discussed by the Committee on Faculty Personnel. The Faculty Senate will shortly vote on a proposal for the temporary appointments of ROTC instructors as special faculty.

  • A revised Graduate Student Leave Policy, approved by the Committee on Research, is being reviewed by the Committee on Graduate Studies.

  • The Committee on Graduate Studies will review proposals on mentoring and professional development for graduate students, including a proposal presented by UCITE.

  • Course evaluations and SAGES governance are being considered by the Faculty Senate Committee on Undergraduate Education. The Faculty Senate will vote shortly on a proposal, developed in response to a USG request, to modify the distribution requirements for SAGES University Seminars.

  • The Senate will hear a report in April describing the effects of the new health care benefits implemented this year, and any potential changes being considered for the future.

  • Having almost completed its first year with a single representative from each of the constituent faculties, the Executive Committee is considering changes to improve the senate’s business processes and the effectiveness of communication within the senate and between the senate and school and college leadership.

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