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Case Western Reserve University

Faculty Senate Newsletter

November 2011

Below you will find listed some of the actions taken by the Faculty Senate and its committees this fall plus brief descriptions of select issues that are currently under review or planned for review later this academic year. If you wish to learn more about any of these issues, or contribute your thoughts, refer to the contact information for senate representatives and committee members available on the Faculty Senate website.

So far this academic year:

  • The Faculty Senate issued a resolution in support of the university's Draft Plan for Internationalization.

  • The Faculty Senate Committee on Undergraduate Education (FSCUE) has approved a proposal to allow departments to formalize various tracks, concentrations, breadth and specialty sequences, etc. for their majors in a way that can be recognized by the Student Information System and included on transcripts; the term concentrations will be used for all such programs. Departments need to initiate the process to have their concentrations recognized in this fashion.

  • The FSCUE approved a proposal to communicate that SAGES university seminars can be counted as electives for majors and minors. Over the next few months, the FSCUE will monitor communications and implementation of the proposal.

  • Two requests to change department names have been approved by the Faculty Senate. Geological Sciences will be renamed the Department of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences. Family Medicine will be renamed the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health. Final approval by the Board of Trustees allows the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Medicine to implement the name changes at their earliest convenience.

  • Changes in by-laws have been approved for the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing and are under review for the School of Medicine.

  • The Faculty Senate approved a proposal to add a second satellite location for the Master of Science in Anesthesia; the second location will be in Washington, D.C.

In progress or planned:

The Faculty Senate has 12 standing committees, several of which are actively considering issues of interest to a broad spectrum of the University Faculty.

  • The Faculty Senate Budget Committee, working with the new University Budget Committee, is considering financial aspects of the internationalization effort, the move towards a three year budget cycle, and the general direction of university budget rules.

  • The Committee on Faculty Compensation had a small window of time to review the changes in health care benefits implemented this year but will monitor the effects of those changes after they take effect and provide input to any additional changes that might be considered for next year. This committee might be asked to evaluate various compensation issues in the School of Medicine. They will work with the committees on Faculty Personnel and Women Faculty to review the Gender Salary Analysis.

  • The committees on Faculty Personnel and Women Faculty are continuing their work from last year: to jointly develop a proposal for part-time tenure for pre-tenure and senior faculty. The Committee on Faculty Personnel is also reviewing policies pertaining to contingent faculty.

  • The Committee on Information and Communication Technology (FSCICT) is considering:

    • ITS support for emeritus and retired faculty
    • Use of web conferencing for faculty senate meetings
    • Implementing electronic signatures for official university business
    • Improve websites and web presence of CWRU
    • Security and privacy of email and electronic media
    • ITS budget priorities and strategic initiatives

    You can learn more about FSCICT activities at their dedicated web site.

  • The Executive Committee will appoint a new chair for the Committee on Minority Affairs. The committee is leading the senate review of the university's draft Diversity Action Strategic Plan and developing plans for improved mentoring and retention of underrepresented faculty.

  • The Committee on Research is working to improve support for proposal preparation and is monitoring efforts to improve the research climate in terms of purchasing, space management and infrastructure.

  • The Committee on Undergraduate Education (FSCUE) is developing policies for:

    • Governance of SAGES
    • Proposals for new academic standards for study abroad
    • 3+2 dual degree program

  • The Committee on University Libraries is monitoring the implementation of the library's new strategic plan and changes due to budget constraints.

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