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Case Western Reserve University

Faculty Senate Committee on Undergraduate Education

Report to the Undergraduate Program Faculty

from the Faculty Senate Committee on Undergraduate Education

At large members: James McGuffin-Cawley, chair (CSE); Larry Parker, vice-chair (WSOM), & Christine Cano (CAS)
Constituent faculty representatives: Bob Greene (CAS), Jennifer Johnson (WSOM), Lynn Lotas (SON), Jennifer Reimer (PHED), Bob Savinell (CSE), and James Swain (SOM)
ex officio: Provost Bud Baeslack, Rick Bischoff (VP, Enrollment Management), Don Feke (Vice Provost, Undergraduate Education), Glenn Nicholls (VP, Student Affairs), & Jeff Wolcowitz (Dean, Undergraduate Studies)
Undergraduate Students: Steven Cummins & Gabby Markoff

New Policies 2010-2011

The Faculty Senate Committee on Undergraduate Education (FSCUE) met 12 times during the 2010-2011 academic year. The Faculty Senate approved the policies and recommendations below which were submitted by the FSCUE. Click on the weblinks for detailed information.

Resolution Regarding USG General Assembly Resolution R. 20-02:
A Resolution to Adjust the SAGES Categorical Requirement

The SAGES program will allow students who have already matriculated and those who matriculate prior to August 2012 to take two University Seminars of different categories regardless of the category students were placed in for their first seminar. This is not to become a permanent policy.

FSCUE Statement on Academic Certificate Programs for Undergraduates

The FSCUE passed a resolution encouraging the development of new minors, tracks or concentrations rather than the development of certificate programs for undergraduates.

Study Abroad

The requirements for students to participate in study abroad programs have been loosened. Students who wish to study abroad must complete at least 24 hours of coursework, declare a major, and be in good academic and discplinary standing.

Guidelines for the Participation of Undergraduates as Teaching Assistants

The FSCUE endorsed newly established guidelines for the participation of undergraduates as teaching assistants.

Undergraduate Scholarship Retention Criteria

For students who matriculate in Fall 2011 and thereafter, the retention criteria for scholarships have been relaxed. Under the new criteria, students must only maintain good academic standing to retain their scholarships. In addition, scholarships lost because of poor academic performance are restored once the student returns to good academic standing.

Admission Requirements for International Undergraduates

Requirements for English proficiency for international students have been elevated. The minimum TOEFL score required of admitted international students is 100 (up from 80) and international applicants must now also submit SAT scores. Students studying at ELS Language Centers will no longer be offered conditional admission; they will be required to meet the TOEFL requirement upon application for admission to CWRU.

FSCUE Resolution on 2+2 Programs with International Institutions

The foundation for agreements for dual-degree programs with international institutions has been clarified. Students from 2+2 programs with international institutions will be evaluated according to CWRU's standard admission requirements for international students, and their ability to complete CWRU degree requirements in the expected time frame will be established as a part of the admission process.

Undergraduate Pass/No Pass

The date by which students declare their intention to exercise the Pass/No Pass option has been changed. Upperclass students can elect to take one class Pass/No Pass each semester, as late as the 11th Friday of the semester (which corresponds to the official withdraw date for the semester), so long the class is not required for major, minor, or SAGES requirements.

New Minor in Mechanical Design and Manufacturing

New Minor in Business Management

Minor in History and Technology of Science Cancelled

Two new minors were approved: Business Management and Mechanical Design and Manufacturing. The minor in History of Science and Technology was cancelled.

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