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Faculty Senate Newsletter

Synopsis of the September 24, 2012 Faculty Senate meeting

This newsletter will be sent out monthly and will provide you a snapshot of what took place at the most recent Faculty Senate meeting. To learn more about any issue, click on the item and it will take you to more information further down the page; the numbers below correspond with the numbers above. If you have any questions, please contact one of the senators for your school or college. The list of senators can be found on the Faculty Senate website.

President's and Provost's Announcements

  1. $64.6 million awarded to Case Western Reserve University from NIH
  2. $728.5 million raised so far in CWRU's Capital Campaign
  3. Groundbreaking for the new Tinkham Veale University Center
  4. Grand opening for Uptown and MOCA
  5. President’s Committee on Child Care Options (PCCCO)
  6. $20 million awarded to CWRU's medical school
  7. Steering committee being formed for the new strategic plan

Agenda Items

  1. Weatherhead School of Management department merger approved


  1. Report from Human Resources
    • Small increase in premiums for healthcare plans
    • Same menu of options available as last year
    • Prescription pricing improvements coming in 2013
    • Professor Elizabeth Click, SON, appointed Medical Director for the university
  2. Report from Enrollment Management
    • Largest entering class in CWRU history at 1372: strong test scores, more diversity
    • Goal for next year: 1250
  3. Report from Campus Security
    • Only one serious crime committed on campus so far this academic year
    • Over 600 surveillance cameras in place on campus and near campus
    • Safe Ride program expanded
    • New emergency notification system (RAVE) has been implemented

Upcoming Issues

  1. SAGES Governance
  2. Course evaluations
  3. Graduate student leave policy

More Information

  1. Case Western Reserve University received a $64.6 million Translational Science Award from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). This is the largest award ever from NIH in Northeast Ohio. Want to find out more?

  2. As of June 30, 2012, $728.5 million has been raised towards the billion-dollar goal for CWRU's Capital Campaign.

  3. President Snyder reported that in May 2012, a groundbreaking ceremony took place for the Tinkham Veale University Center. Construction began shortly thereafter. It is anticipated that the Center will be open by the fall of 2014.

  4. The Uptown project is enriching the campus community and will be the new home of the Museum of Contemporary Art. President Snyder encouraged everyone to attend the Blue Block Party on September 27, which kicked off Homecoming, Alumni Reunion and Family Weekend.

  5. The President’s Committee on Child Care Options has been appointed and will look at both short-term and long-term child care options for employees of the university. The co-chairs of the committee are Eileen Anderson-Fye, professor of anthropology in the College of Arts & Sciences, and Amy Sheldon, benefits manager in the Department of Human Resources. The vice-chair is LaShanda Korley, Climo Assistant Professor of Macromolecular Science and Engineering in the Case School of Engineering. Want to find out more?

  6. President Snyder announced two gifts from the Mt. Sinai Foundation and the Cleveland Foundation, each in the amount of $10 million, for a new medical school at the university. These are the single largest grants ever made by the two foundations. Want to find out more?

  7. Provost Bud Baeslack announced that a steering committee is in the process of being formed to work on a refresh of the 2008-2013 strategic plan. He expects that that Faculty Senate will be directly involved and emphasized the importance of open communication. Provost Baeslack said that he hopes there will be a new plan in place by the end of the current academic year. Want to find out more?

  8. Professor Richard Boland presented a proposal to merge the Departments of Information Systems and Marketing & Policy Studies at the Weatherhead School of Management. The new department will be known as the Department of Design and Innovation. This proposal received the support of the dean and the faculty of the Weatherhead School, and the chairs of the two departments. The Faculty Senate approved the proposed merger.

  9. Carolyn Gregory, vice president of Human Resources, reported that there has been significant migration to the lower cost HDHP (high-deductible health plan) and HMO plans. However, PPO options remain most popular with employees. For the upcoming plan year, there have been small increases in premiums for all but one of the health care plans. There may also be prescription medication price improvements in 2013. On August 1, 2012, Professor Elizabeth Click from the School of Nursing was appointed as the first medical director for the university. She will be focusing on creating a culture of health and wellness at CWRU and will provide clinical and strategic support to the university as it develops health and wellness programs, a health assessment questionnaire for employees, and a multi-year health and wellness strategic plan.

  10. Rick Bischoff, vice president for Enrollment Management, reported that this year’s incoming freshman class was the strongest and largest class in the university’s history. Applications doubled between 2007-2012 and this year’s freshman class totaled 1372. In the 2012 class of enrolled students, the percentage of underrepresented minorities and international students increased. The increase in international students is even more significant in light of the fact that the university is now requiring international students to submit SAT scores, as well as higher TOEFL scores, for admission. A larger number of students are also coming from out of state, which helps our reputation as a national institution of learning. The goal for the freshman class of 2013 is 1250.

  11. Dick Jamieson, vice president for Campus Services, reported that overall crime is trending downwards, particularly on campus. So far this fall semester, only one serious crime has been committed on campus. This is due to increased security and police coverage, and also increased visibility of security personnel. More cameras and new technology on campus have also helped. The Safe Ride program has been expanded to include three vehicles instead of one.

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