Chapter 3: Part II

ARTICLE VIII. Guidelines for Selecting Deans*

These guidelines are intended to apply to the advising of the president in the matter of the selection of deans at the college level as well as at the constituent faculty level.

  1. A search advisory committee will be appointed by the president as soon as possible following the announced vacancy of a deanship. Members of the committee will be chosen with the aid of a slate prepared by the appropriate constituent faculty or faculties. The majority of the committee will be voting members of the University Faculty. The committee will elect a chair from among its members.

  2. Each constituent faculty will establish procedures for the nomination of members to the search advisory committee and for the manner in which its views on candidates will be conveyed to this committee.

  3. The university administration will provide a secretariat for the committee. Correspondence will be carried out by the chair through the secretariat. Appropriate biographical information will be kept in university administrative offices and will be regularly available to members of the search advisory committee.

  4. The committee will provide the president with a slate or slates of suitable candidates from which the selection normally will be made. Where a candidate mutually acceptable to the president and the search advisory committee cannot be identified, the president, in consultation with the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate, may select a candidate outside the slate(s) provided by the search advisory committee.

  5. In the event an interim or acting dean must be appointed, such appointment will be made by the president in consultation with the Executive Committee, or its equivalent, of that constituent faculty.

*approved by the Board of Trustees 3/18/87.