Chapter 3: Part II

ARTICLE IX. Guidelines for Selecting Department Chairs*

  1. The selection process for a department chair will be initiated immediately upon recognition of a vacancy of that position.

  2. The department, or a search committee appointed by the dean with adequate representation from that department, will provide the dean with a candidate or slate of candidates from which the selection normally will be made. The aim of the search process is to identify a candidate who is acceptable to the president, the dean, and the department faculty.

  3. In the event that an acting or interim chair must be appointed, such appointment will be recommended to the president by the dean after consultation with members of that department and the executive committee, or its equivalent, of that constituent faculty.

  4. All searches and hiring of department chairs will be conducted in strict accordance with the university policy governing affirmative action.

*approved by the Board of Trustees 11/15/88.