Chapter 3: Part I


Faculty members of a university are scholars and teachers whose responsibilities within the university are to the students, to their colleagues, and to the administration; their responsibilities beyond the university are to their professions and to the communities, from local to international, of which the university is a part. The manner of meeting these responsibilities is almost as varied as are the members of the university community. Accordingly, it is not feasible to devise detailed procedures to direct the members of the faculty in their role of academic citizens. Nevertheless, it is possible to establish guidelines for standards and procedures. It is, furthermore, possible and desirable to establish guidelines for evaluating the success with which members of the faculty fulfill their roles and for the processes by which they are judged by their peers and the administration.

The following statement of "Policies and Procedures for the members of the University Faculty of Case Western Reserve University" sets out guidelines for rights, duties, privileges, and obligations of the faculty. Standards are thus fixed to which the by-laws of the several constituent faculties shall conform in accordance with the "Constitution of the University Faculty."

Unless otherwise specifically stated, these policies and procedures apply to all those persons who are members of the University Faculty, as defined in the "Constitution of the University Faculty," and remain in effect until modified through regular procedures.

Changes in, or additions to, these policies and procedures require the approval of the Board of Trustees.