Chapter 2

ARTICLE IV. Meetings of the University Faculty

Sec. A. Annual Meeting

The University Faculty shall have an annual meeting early in the fall term. The agenda for the annual meeting shall include a report by the president on the state of the University and such additional business as may be introduced by the process of initiative as provided in Article VIII. Staff may be invited by the president and the chair of the Senate to attend the report on the state of the University and discussion thereon. That report shall then be delivered immediately after the meeting is called to order and all other business that concerns just the University Faculty, if any, shall follow discussion of the report.

Sec. B. Special Meetings

Special meetings of the University Faculty may be called by the president or by the Faculty Senate, or upon a petition of ten percent of the voting members of the University Faculty stating the purpose of the proposed meeting. The petition shall be delivered to the secretary of the University Faculty who shall certify the validity of the petition to the president, who in turn shall call the special meeting within thirty (30) days of receiving the certified petition.

Sec. C. Emergency Meetings

An emergency meeting of the University Faculty may be called by the president or by the chair of the Faculty Senate.

Sec. D. Notification and Agenda

The chair of the Faculty Senate, or on the chair's designation, the secretary of the University Faculty, shall notify each voting member of the University Faculty at least ten days before each annual meeting and special meeting. Such notification shall be in writing and shall specify the time, the place, and the agenda of the meeting. Any main motion to be introduced at an annual meeting or a special meeting shall be included in the agenda.

Sec. E. Quorum and Rules of Order

Par. 1. A quorum of a meeting of the University Faculty shall consist of thirty percent of the voting members, except that at a meeting called by petition, a quorum shall be forty percent.

Par. 2. Meetings shall be conducted according to the latest edition of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised, unless otherwise specified.