Chapter 4

ARTICLE IV. Fringe Benefits Program

The University has available a comprehensive fringe benefits program that includes:

A flexible benefits program which offers:

  1. Group Health Insurance (including Major Medical) with an indemnity plan option plus several alternative managed care options.

  2. A Group Dental PPO.

  3. Group Term Life Insurance for employees and for their spouses and dependent children.

  4. Group Long-Term Disability.

  5. Health Care and Dependent Care Spending Accounts.

  6. A retirement program with several funding vehicles (including TIAA-CREF) that features participant and university contributions. Enrollment is effective the day of appointment if at least age 26; or the first day of the month following or coinciding with the attainment of age 26; or attainment of age 21 and completion of a year of service, whichever occurs first; or any subsequent July 1st, the first day of the Plan Year.

  7. A tuition waiver program for employees and their spouses and dependents.

  8. Social Security.

  9. Unemployment compensation.

  10. Workers' compensation.

  11. Travel insurance.

Benefit plans may be revised by the University periodically. Any changes which occur will affect all participants uniformly.

The University Committee on Fringe Benefits studies, monitors, and evaluates the University's fringe benefits program.

Recommendations for improvements may be made to that Committee or to the Faculty Compensation Committee, a standing committee of the Faculty Senate.

The Benefits Administration Office should be contacted to obtain detailed information about the program and eligibility.