Chapter 3: Part II

ARTICLE VII. Endowed Professorships and other Chairs*

A senior, endowed chair for a tenured full professor is designed to recognize eminence in a given field, primarily through demonstrated scholarship and excellence in teaching. When the Board of Trustees is advised to bestow a chair, it is on the premise that the individual has earned a national reputation for scholarly distinction in his or her field and shares that expertise in his or her teaching. Such a professorship signifies to the external as well as internal academic community the highest standards for scholarship and teaching the school has to offer.

There are occasions when appointments to senior professional chairs are co-terminous with administrative appointments. The criterion of scholarship continues to hold in such cases but may be interpreted more flexibly. Appointments to endowed chairs at assistant professor and associate professor levels are of a specified duration. Endowed chairs at the full professor level may be of a specified duration. These appointments are intended to recognize exceptional faculty potential and merit and to add special strength to particular areas of teaching and research.

Appointments to visiting chairs may be at any faculty rank and do not lead to tenure consideration.

*Office of the President 11/7/86; amended 2/18/87; approved by the Faculty Senate 3/25/09.