Chapter 3: Part II

ARTICLE VI. Emeritus Appointment*

Emeritus appointment is bestowed as an honor upon retired full-time faculty in recognition of meritorious service to Case Western Reserve University. The process for appointment to Emeritus status requires a recommendation, either positive or negative, by departmental faculty eligible to vote, the department chair, the designated constituent faculty appointment, promotion and tenure committee, the dean, and the provost, to the president of the University. The president will make the final decision to forward candidates for conferral of Emeritus status by the University Board of Trustees. The privilege of emeritus appointment implies a collegial relationship between the awardee and the University to the mutual benefit of both. It is expected that candidates for emeritus appointment will meet the following conditions:

If a faculty member resigns and immediately accepts a full-time academic position at another university, the emeritus appointment would not be made. At the point, however, where full-time affiliation at another university ceases and the faculty member wishes to retain Case Western Reserve as his or her primary academic identity, an emeritus appointment may be considered pursuat to the procedure described above. A faculty member may not be promoted at the time of emeritus appointment.

Emeritus appointment is not accorded to part-time faculty members. This restriction shall not apply to someone who has chosen a modified (50% or greater) appointment after satisfying the ten-year service requirement. Clinical faculty in the School of Medicine, however, are eligible to be considered for emeritus status.

Once awarded, an emeritus appointment is for life and may not be withdrawn.

In addition to the privileges associated with retirement, CWRU emeritus faculty are generally awarded other perquisites, some of which include free parking when space is available, personal tuition waiver privileges, the use of CWRU libraries and some other facilities, listing in the university directory, being invited to various faculty functions, the same access to IT support and software as that afforded to regular full-time faculty; etc. Office space may be provided depending on the needs of the department or school. Faculty members who retire (without emeritus status), take a position elsewhere or are otherwise separated from the university, may establish forwarding of their CWRU enterprise email messages to a personal email account.

Certain key university administrators may be recommended for emeritus appointment by the president to the Board of Trustees.

*approved by the Board of Trustees 9/22/87; approved by the Faculty Senate 3/25/09; approved by the Faculty Senate 2/22/12.