Chapter 3: Part II

ARTICLE XII. Distinguished University Professor*

The permanent title of Distinguished University Professor is the highest honor awarded to the Case Western Reserve’s full-time, tenured faculty, at the rank of professor. Up to three appointments may be awarded annually; although in the first year up to eight Distinguished University Professors can be appointed. Honorees each receive a Distinguished University Professor Medallion, a one-time grant to support academic work, a permanent increase in annual salary, and membership on the President’s Distinguished University Professor Advisory Council.

During the first two years, the selection committee will be comprised of current Distinguished University Professor(s) and distinguished emeritus faculty selected by the Provost in consultation with the deans. Beginning in the third selection year, a committee of Distinguished University Professors, appointed by the Provost in consultation with the deans, will review the nominations submitted by the deans and make recommendations to the Provost and the President. Final awards are made by the President with approval by the Board of Trustees.

Qualified nominees will demonstrate: exceptional research/scholarship, teaching, and service, with international recognition for significant contributions to an academic discipline; and significant interdisciplinary contributions that advance the broader university community and transcend traditional academic disciplines.

*approved by the Board of Trustees 3/16/2010.