Chapter 2

ARTICLE IX. Amendment

Par. 1. An amendment of this constitution may be proposed by majority vote of the Faculty Senate or by action of the voting members of the University Faculty at an annual meeting or at a special meeting, subject to the procedures specified in Article VIII, Section A. The vote on any proposed amendment shall be by mail ballot of the University Faculty and shall require the approval of sixty percent of those voting members returning ballots. In the case of an amendment proposed by majority vote of the Faculty Senate, the president of the University shall call a special meeting of the University Faculty to discuss the proposed amendment; that meeting shall take place not later than the fifth day preceding the final date for submission of ballots.

Par. 2. At least once every five years, the Faculty Senate shall review all provisions of this constitution and recommend to the University Faculty as to desirable amendments.

Par. 3. After its approval by the voting members of the University Faculty, an amendment shall be submitted to the president for consideration and transmittal to the Board of Trustees for approval. The amendment shall take effect immediately upon receipt of trustee approval unless the amendment specified otherwise.