Chapter 3: Part I

ARTICLE III. Non-University Activities of Faculty Members During the Contractual Period*

  1. Faculty members may extend their professional development by accepting opportunities for outside consulting and similar services in their fields of specialization.

  2. Outside activities must not be permitted to interfere through conflict of interest or otherwise with a faculty member's commitment to the University. (The full text of the University's conflict of interest policy will be found in Chapter 4.)

  3. Each faculty member shall keep his or her department chair or dean informed of the nature and extent of his or her consulting.

  4. All outside activities which represent potential conflicts with a faculty member's normal university duties require advance approval by his or her department chair or dean.

  5. A faculty member may not hold appointment in another educational institution without written approval in advance by the university administration; request for approval should be directed to the faculty member's department chair or dean.

  6. The rights and obligations of faculty members with respect to patents and copyrights are covered in separate university policy and procedural statements. (See Part Two, Section I of this Chapter.)

*approved by the Board of Trustees 10/9/73, approved by the Faculty Senate 3/31/03, approved by the University Faculty 4/23/03, approved by the Board of Trustees 5/19/03