Chapter 3: Part II

ARTICLE III. Remuneration for Additional Services*

Service in the teaching programs, research programs, and administrative activities of the University is regarded as within the faculty member's obligation and is compensated for by regular salary. This applies to full-time faculty members on twelve-month appointments as well as to full-time faculty members on academic year (nine months) appointments, except that for additional services faculty members on nine-month appointments may receive additional remuneration up to but not exceeding 3/9ths of their regular academic year salary, under the following conditions:

  1. Upon approval of the dean, compensation for summer activity not to exceed 3/9ths of the faculty member's regular academic year salary may be received.

  2. When a school, department, and other unit of the University needs extensive service from a faculty member who holds a primary appointment in another unit of the University, negotiation should be through or with the concurrence of the department chair or dean of the division in which the primary appointment is held; and budget transfers, which do not result in additional remuneration, may be arranged.

  3. A full-time faculty member engaged in a non-credit program which directly generates outside income for the University may be paid extra compensation from the balance of income remaining, if any, after other program expenses have been paid. This extra compensation, however, may not exceed five percent of the faculty member's total annual compensation from the University.

*Office of the President 6/1/69; amended 10/11/73, 7/2/84, 2/3/91,4/25/05; approved by the Board of Trustees 7/13/05