BY-LAW V. Officers

Item a. Chair, Chair-elect/Vice Chair and Past-Chair

  1. The Faculty Senate shall elect annually from among the associate professors and professors of the University Faculty a Chair-elect, who shall serve as Vice Chair during his or her first year of office and shall become Chair of the Faculty Senate during his or her second year in office and Past Chair in the third year. If not already an elected member of the Faculty Senate, the Vice Chair, the Chair, and the Past Chair shall be voting members of the Faculty Senate by virtue of office.

  2. In the event of a vacancy in the Chair prior to the expiration of an incumbent's one-year term, the Vice Chair shall become the Chair for the remainder of the year.

Item b. Secretary.

As provided in the Constitution, Article II, Section C, the Secretary of the University Faculty shall serve ex officio as Secretary of the Faculty Senate.

Item c. Parliamentarian.

Upon assuming office, the Chair shall appoint a Parliamentarian to serve at the pleasure of the Chair. The parliamentarian shall advise the Chair as to rules of order.