BY-LAW VI. Procedure For Election Of The Chair-elect.

  1. Each year the Nominating Committee shall nominate two candidates for Chair-elect for the coming year and shall report these nominations to the Secretary not later than March 1. The Secretary shall thereupon notify all members of the Faculty Senate of these nominations by mail.

    Within three weeks thereafter, an additional nominee, or nominees, for the office may be entered in candidacy by written petition signed by not less than ten percent of the members of the Faculty Senate with respect to each such nominee, and submitted to the Secretary, providing, however, that each such nominee by petition shall have stated in writing to the Secretary acceptance of the nomination.

  2. Following the close of the period for nominations by petition, the Secretary shall submit by mail, to each voting member of the Faculty Senate, a ballot listing the names of the nominees, to be marked and returned within two weeks.

    The nominee receiving the majority of votes cast shall be declared elected. In the event no one nominee receives a majority of the votes cast, a second ballot bearing the names of the two nominees who have received the largest numbers of votes shall be distributed for run-off election. In the event of a tie vote of such character as to foreclose the second ballot procedure or of a tie vote on the second ballot, such tie shall be resolved by the Executive Committee.