April, 2011

Headlines: New Department of Education Program Integrity Regulations; Interesting Fact: UPMIFA; What You Should Do If You Receive a Legal Document or a Telephone Call from an Attorney Regarding a University Matter; U.S. Department of Education's Letter on Anti-Bullying

September, 2010

Headlines: New Health Care Law Requires Reasonable Breaks and Lactation Rooms For Employees To Express Breast Milk; Wage Issues When Technology Extends The Work Day; The Office of General Counsel's Top Ten List For Study Abroad Programs

March 2010

Headlines: Pregnancy Leave Under Ohio Law; GINA: The New Anti-Discrimination Law on Genetic Information; E-Discovery Obligations Under The Law; Great Lakes Higher Education Law Symposium – A First For The OGC

March 2009

Headlines: A Reminder about the Nature Tax-Exempt Entities: Operated to serve Public - Not Private - Interests; New Disability Law News; The Higher Education Opportunity Act: Peer- to- Peer File Sharing Addressed; Buying Gift Cards (using University Funds)

March 2008

Headlines: Campaigning at the University; What is FERPA?

October 2008

Headlines: Avoid Retaliation Claims; Privilege: A legal tool to protect information; Watching your Words

July 2007

Headlines: Electronically Stored Information; Introducing the Attorneys


Below are presentations presented by the Office of General Counsel.

Managing Behavior Issues Involving Students & Employees - Peter Poulos and Colleen Treml

Non-Retaliation Session for Supervisors - Colleen Treml

OGC Strategic Legal Seminars 2009

UPMIFA Seminar - Michele Krantz

FERPA Seminar - Peter Poulos

Dean's Presentations – November 2010

Bad Gifts – Is There Such A Thing? Legal Pitfalls to Avoid

Legal Highlights 2010

The Office of General Counsel's Top Issues for Study or Work Abroad Programs

Tracking Overtime: E-mailing, Using Blackberries while Walking the Dog, and Other Difficult Issues

General Disclaimer

Case Western Reserve University is committed to the free exchange of ideas, reasoned debate and intellectual dialogue. Speakers and scholars with a diversity of opinions and perspectives are invited to the campus to provide the community with important points of view, some of which may be deemed controversial. The views and opinions of those invited to speak on the campus do not necessarily reflect the views of the university administration or any other segment of the university community.

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