Liquor Permits

The University values and encourages an alcohol-free environment, but recognizes that alcoholic beverages may be available at some campus activities. Such activities are consistent with the University's cultural values when they foster moderation and safety in alcohol consumption. Underage drinking and excessive consumption are not acceptable and will not be condoned or tolerated. It is imperative that appropriate permission is obtained prior to an event. Do not overlook this important component if your are considering serving alcohol at your event! If you have any questions about obtaining a liquor permit, please call our office at 368.4286.

Alcohol at University Events

Liquor Permits are required for all events sponsored by a student or university organization. If you wish to serve alcohol at a University event, you must obtain prior university approval to do so. If you are not charging a fee for the event and people under the age of 21 will attend, you

  • Must provide a method to ensure that no one under age 21 is served alcohol (e.g. inviting graduate students only or checking IDs before serving).
  • Must complete an "Alcohol Use Report" from Student Affairs (368.2020) and return the form so that department has record of the event.

For details visit Alcohol Use and Guidelines on the Student Affairs website. In addition, you must also ensure that, with your knowledge, no one leaves the event intoxicated.

Obtaining a Liquor Permit

Temporary (one-time) permits are available on the Ohio Liquor Control Information and Services website: How Do I apply for a Temporary Liquor Permit. The most frequently used permits are "F" and "F2" permits.

F Permit - DLC4115: This form is used for any association of ten (10) or more people, labor union, or charitable organization sponsoring a function for his/her employees to sell BEER ONLY.

F-2 Permit - DLC 4138: This form is used for a non-profit organization organized for a charitable, cultural, fraternal, or educational purpose, to sell beer, wine, mixed beverages, and spirituous liquor by the drink, at a place where the sale of beer, wine, mixed beverages, and spirituous liquor on that day is otherwise permitted by law.

When you receive your "F" or "F-2" permit, fax (368.5481) or drop off a copy to the Office of General Counsel, Adelbert Hall, 3rd Floor, Room 311 for review and approval once you have completed your portion of the form. The Office of General Counsel will route it for the appropriate signature's and contact you when it is ready for pick up.

Ohio Liquor Laws and Rules

If you have questions about the rules and regulations of Ohio Liquor Control Laws, visit State of Ohio, Division of Liquor Control.


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